Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Joanna's family are translators with Wycliffe in the Solomon Islands,
and regularly travel between their two lives in the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

When I saw this quilt, Snowbirds,
on the Moda Bakeshop site,
I felt like it was designed with them in mind!

Half of the "birds" are going south west, and half are going north east.

Using my favorite batiks seemed like the right thing to do,
given their tropical home in the SI :D

After completing Ann's quilt, I was a bit pushed for time to get this one done,
and this one finished a bit bigger, at 72"x64" (hard to feed through my machine),
both good reasons to hire a professional quilter to save my bacon!

Tracey Fisher did an amazing job,
squeezing this "little" quilt in between bigger projects.

As with Ann's, I was determined to use what I had,
and I love how this back came together.

I look at it and see the tropical ocean, the clear blue sky, and bright sunshine :D

It looked awfully at home there, on my couch!

But it made it into my suitcase, into Joanna's arms,
and right out onto her front porch,
where I had imagined it!


melanie said...

Both quilts are so fun! Well done, you!

Wilma said...

It has been so long since you posted that I am sure that there are others who wonder if you are okay. I miss your posts!!! Could you possibly update us? It is so nice to hear from you and those in another part of the United States. Take care!