Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Joanna's family are translators with Wycliffe in the Solomon Islands,
and regularly travel between their two lives in the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

When I saw this quilt, Snowbirds,
on the Moda Bakeshop site,
I felt like it was designed with them in mind!

Half of the "birds" are going south west, and half are going north east.

Using my favorite batiks seemed like the right thing to do,
given their tropical home in the SI :D

After completing Ann's quilt, I was a bit pushed for time to get this one done,
and this one finished a bit bigger, at 72"x64" (hard to feed through my machine),
both good reasons to hire a professional quilter to save my bacon!

Tracey Fisher did an amazing job,
squeezing this "little" quilt in between bigger projects.

As with Ann's, I was determined to use what I had,
and I love how this back came together.

I look at it and see the tropical ocean, the clear blue sky, and bright sunshine :D

It looked awfully at home there, on my couch!

But it made it into my suitcase, into Joanna's arms,
and right out onto her front porch,
where I had imagined it!

Autumn at the Pond

Better late than never???

Something about the cooler weather of fall puts me in the mood to sew!
And I had the perfect justification (as if I needed one), with my upcoming trip to Arkansas on the calendar.

Two gracious and lovely ladies were waiting to host me,
and I wanted to return thanks with a little gift for each of them.

My friend Ann has a cozy home near Little Rock,
and I could just picture her with a cup of choffey, her Bible, and a lap quilt...

I call this one
Autumn at the Pond
because that's what the colors bring to mind.

I was determined to use what I had,
and I had plenty :D

I've been inspired by other Log Cabin quilts I've seen that are very
non-traditional Log Cabin,
ie not lights and darks,
but an unplanned mixture.

I like mixing fabrics that may not seem to go together,
but somehow it all works.
Like that bubbly teal with the more traditional looking leaf print.

For the backing, I used a large printed piece from Myanmar,
and a good-sized piece of gold leftover from making this tree skirt.

This quilt finished at 56" x 70".

Got it!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mt. Nebo

I've admired Aaron and Joanna's photos
and family/couple adventures to Mt. Nebo on their blog,
but had assumed it was too far distant
to be practical to visit as a day-trip.

Clearly, Arkansas geography is not my strong suit ;D

No, those aren't green tornado clouds... just the view through the windshield!

And how glad I was to be wrong!

This state park was developed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corp,
which means beautiful rustic buildings :D

Mt. Nebo is a lot like a mesa out west - steep sides, and flat-ish on top -
which means gorgeous views!

It also means that most of the hikes start at the top,
drop down, and then go back up.

We followed a path familiar to the Choates,
to see a waterfall,
with more water in it than they're used to seeing there.

What a breathtakingly gorgeous day!
The only thing that could top
the weather and the amazing fall colors,
was the warm company of my friends :D

Arkansas is beautiful in a completely different way than my home.

Our trail led to the falls... and behind them!

Arkansas... I'm lichen it ;D

Below the top of Mt. Nebo, a "bench" circles the mountain.
Due to the geography/geology of the rock layers,
there are (were?) many natural springs along the bench.

Yes, yes, it really was that gorgeous.

After descending to "the bench" via the waterfall,
we circled north to Fern Lake and headed back uphill.

The beauty and views were totally worth it!

The Choates had timed our adventures just right to get back up to the top
(and the van) just in time for a sunset picnic.

What you CAN'T see is the significant temperature drop!

Or the delicious Whole Hog barbecue dinner!
(For the record, of their seven sauces,
I'm a huge fan of number five!)

Around the perimeter of the rim you'll find cabins and houses for rent.
Love love love these rustic ones, built by the CCC.
*Happy Sigh*
You know I want to go back, and stay in one of these!

Just time for a quick potty-break before driving back to Conway...
and the girls were warming their cold hands under the heat vent!

And goodnight!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

And on Saturday...

We met up at Pugh's Old Mill - a north Little Rock park.

True confession: I've never seen Gone With The Wind,
but evidently this park is famous for being featured in the movie.

The park is in a beautiful setting,
though it's not as old as it looks.

Most of the wood and the
ancient-looking vines and roots (like the bridge above)
are... concrete.

Still, it's truly a beautiful place,
and obviously well-loved.

MANY people were enjoying the park and the mild weather
on a Saturday afternoon.
In the brief time we were there, 
we saw a wedding and
what must have been a quinceanera,
complete with a Disney-princess-worthy (ie huge) dress
that required help to maneuver through the park!

My visit to Arkansas was really much more about people than sight-seeing,
and we three mamas got some valuable time sitting and talking
while the kids roamed around.

It sure didn't feel like November to me!

I think that's Lantana above,
and Elephant Ear below. 

I should've gotten one of the kids in the photo...
it was huge!

We were missing Sarah and Benjamin,
but the rest of the kids enjoyed time together :D