Saturday, April 4, 2015

A New Light, and Tate Bakes

So, for you thorough readers, I mentioned in my last post that I was replacing something.

Not the boy (though we have our moments), the light fixture.
Because I'm a cheapskate frugal, and can't bear to buy any more ten dollar light bulbs.

So thankful my dad is such a helpful guy, AND an electrician!
I owe him a batch of oatmeal cookies ;D

Yes, you may have noticed it's missing something.  
One of the globes was already broken on arrival,
and Amazon is 'on it', so yay for them.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the nice, warm light :D

However, I realized I'd neglected to consider one thing...

This fixture is wider than our old fixture, and if we don't watch out...

I think Kerry is going to put some kind of stopper on the cabinet door, or I foresee replacing a great many more globes in the future.  Oops.

No, really, it came with a broken globe!  We didn't do it!

Also, the astute reader may remember Tate's charming plea for a friend's dessert recipe.
Well, we just made it and the kitchen smells so good I think I'm gaining weight just by the aroma.

Here he is melting the butter and giving me the side-eye...

Meanwhile, the dish is greased and floured.

Cracking eggs...

Measuring the almond extract - lots of almond extract!

Yes, he knows how to dip-level-pour the flour.

And mixing it all up.  Yes, we each licked a beater - yum!

And then sprinkling sliced almonds and sugar on top.
He may have gone a little heavy on the sugar, but with a whole cup of butter in the batter,
well... this isn't exactly health food ;D

And after about 30 minutes...


A tasty treat to bring to Easter tomorrow :D

And in case you're wondering about the device around his neck... that's his compilot.  It's a blue-tooth device that works with his CI's.  He was streaming music while he waited for the almond bars to finish baking.  Love technology!


Joyful said...

I love to hear that young men are learning to be proficient in the kitchen!
Love the new light! Can't wait to get to our kitchen remodel.
Hope you all have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! Enjoy that dessert.

melanie said...

I beg your pardon, butter IS health food :D Looks delish at any rate! I might need the actual recipe - hint!
Wishing you practical wisdom on the cupboard door stop ~ and a Blessed Canadian Easter Monday (?) since you are so close to the border. ;-) What is that about anyway?

Choate Family said...

I really liked the blue in the old globes, too bad you couldn't get blue again :-( Color is a good thing! And your almond recipe looks very yummy, would you care to share the recipe?