Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Another one for The File...

We're really working on this one.

On Monday, every complaint bought you one sentence.
On Tuesday the price doubled.

And so on.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Looking through some photos with me, Gunnar remembered the day we went to Seattle for my uncle's wedding reception and spent some time at the Locks.   The boys were on their best behavior, and all decked out in nice shirts and even ties.  I reminded him of how handsome they all looked.

Mom, (eyes roll,) no boy in his right mind likes to be dressed up.  Especially in a tie.


Yesterday, driving to a friend's house, the boys were planning the teams, weapons, strategy, etc. for a big battle they wanted to have.  Knowing that one of the boys who would be there doesn't always handle this well I tried to encourage them to think of some other options.  You know, ride your scooters in the cul-de-sac or something.  I got three blank stares. And then,

Mom, you just don't think like a boy.

For which we can all give thanks.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Simple Woman #59

For Today...   April 26, 2010

Outside my window...  the pink dogwood is gorgeous (see above), and the white dogwood is close to blooming.

I am thinking...  something.  I'm sure I was thinking something

I am thankful for...  my family (of origin) close at hand and involved in the boys' lives, even to the point of showing up for soccer games in absolutely ridiculous weather!

I am praying for...  my friend, Rachael, who had a little surprise last week - an appendectomy - and other family mayhem.

I am wearing...  you know, clothes, the usual.

I am creating...  plans for next school year.  Because that's so much more fun than actually finishing this year's school work.  But we will.

I am going...  where the weather suits my clothes?  No?  Well, nowhere much, really.

I am reading...  still finishing Lewis and Clark.  Must check out something for me, next trip to the library.

I am hoping...  for warmer, drier weather this week.

I am hearing...  Scott Joplin.  Wyatt is learning a (very simplified) version of The Entertainer on the piano.

I am remembering...   I have dreamed three times in the last couple of months that we moved back to our first house.  It's not that I want to.  I like this house much, much better.  But I do sort of long for our first house payment... $480/month.  *sigh*

From the learning rooms...  lots of little projects and experiments underway.  Napoleon has been laid to rest and we're on to Simon Bolivar and Miguel Hidalgo.  Negative exponents (*sigh*), the Chrysler Building, cups-pints-quarts-gallons.

From the kitchen...  thawing a turkey to cook later in the week, but probably egg burritos tonight.

Around the house...  looking a bit bare, since I (finally!) packed away our few Easter things, but we did a bit of cleaning and tidying over the weekend.  Hallelujah.

On my mind...  three more weeks of soccer, three more weeks.  But I'm not counting, or anything.

Noticing that...  must weigh and measure the boys today.  Wyatt is sprouting up and some of Tate's pants are getting short.

Pondering these words...   
It means, and this is just a rough translation,
"A man with a spear trapped in a bird and a sideways fish in a vase.
And there was also a beetle."

I don't think that's it.

That's just one possible translation.
One of my favorite things...  

My uncomplaining little tough guy!

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Moms In Touch today, piano lesson tomorrow, and soccer, soccer, soccer.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

I love this view out the school-room window.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gunnar at the Soccer Field

Last week the weather was equally unpleasant for soccer.  I was lucky enough to get a parking place directly in front of Wyatt's field, and Gunnar asked if he could sit in the van.  Since I could see it plainly from the sidelines I agreed.  But he's only eight, and hadn't brought anything to do, and I felt guilty about him sitting there alone.

Near the end of the first half I saw him walking toward me.

Mom?  Would you walk down to the bathroom with me?  I tried to rest, but I've got that tinkly feeling.

Of course.

Gunnar, are you bored?  Would you rather come be with me?  I can bundle you up.

That's okay, Mom.  I can occupy myself with happy thoughts.

Soggy, Soggy, Soggy

I put some spring colors up on the blog because I decided
I was going to believe spring is finally here...
and then the weather turns around and bites me.
Yep.  Snow in the hills.

But it's Soccer Saturday, so I should expect that, yah?

Wyatt started off with a double-header, and had to be at the field at 8am.  Fun times. 
And let me tell you what it was like:  rainy, windy, and 42F.  That's about 5C, for some of you.
But it's just downright cold for all of us.

The first game looked a lot like this.

And by the end of their games they looked a lot like this.

Wet and muddy, from head to toe.

While we like to think of soccer as a family activity,
picnic at the field, cheer your brothers on...
not so much today.
Today was a divide and conquer day.

I took Wyatt to his games, and Kerry took Tate and Gunnar to their back-to-back games.
Which is great, because by the time all my soggy little men are back home,
I can have this ready.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Blitz Again

Inspired as always by my friend Jena, as well as the deteriorating condition of the house, I knew it was time to get moving.

The laundry has been piling up.  I've been "saving" it for a sunny day, hoping to line-dry it.  I got four loads washed, but only two dried outside.  As I hung the third load (towels) I could smell the rain coming.  Sure enough, about a half hour later the boys and I raced outside to take it all back down.  But four loads are DONE.  :D

The dishes are all in the dishwasher, which is running.

I rescued the dining room table, which was not too far gone.

But clutter breeds if you don't get on it quickly.  And this looks so much more inviting.  Those glass balls are genuine Japanese fishing floats that my Grandpa found back when he was working on tugboats.

The kitchen floor was in a dire state.  It really needs to be stripped and waxed.  Or at the very least mopped.  The mudroom too.

But with rain today, and more forecast for tomorrow, I decided to put off the deep cleaning until after all the wet, muddy soccer comings and goings.  Just a thorough sweeping helped.  And tidying the mudroom.

And the living room was being over-run by Tate's previously mentioned plastic army.  And books.  Always books.  How is it that each boy seems to be reading not just one, but two or three at a time?  And leaving them out on every flat surface?  And if they're not reading them, they're building things... out of books.

But, they're usually very willing to help pick up.  They like an orderly home too... hallelujah.
Because I'd much rather sit around in this room.

For tomorrow...

The boys' room needs tidied.  Must.  Do.  Something.  About.  Legos. 
Ditto the family room.  And many books to get back on the shelves.

And less visible stuff, like prepping for the next school week, ordering more books from the library, tidying my office, and doing something about all the pictures on my computer.  Aack.  It's overwhelming.

But good has been done here today.  *sigh*

In Which Tate Is Rewarded

When Tate was hospitalized last fall for his appendix, he got a nine-day stay on the Peds floor.  He had many visitors and many much-appreciated gifts.  This time we were in and out a lot quicker.  He felt so rotten the first day he wouldn't have wanted visitors, and the second day we were on our way home.


But as he climbed into the van to head home he turned his big eyes on Gramma Grasshopper and me, and said,  "Sooooo... what's going to be my reward for this ordeal I've been through?"

And wouldn't you know, he had something in mind.

Many of these he already owned, but he had his eye on a special Alamo set, from here.  We ordered the "Mexicans and Texicans", as he calls them, and the special set with Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Santa Anna, and a couple others.

He had put a lot of thought into what he wanted.  He knows we're going to be studying the Alamo in history, but there was more.  "Because, you know Mom, Mexico's uniforms look a lot like French uniforms."  Ahh, they're multi-purpose!  He's always working the angles, that kid, and he knows I'm all about practical. 

From the minute my fingers left the computer keys, he was calculating when they would arrive and watching for the mailman.

Until... success!

And here we have Santa Anna, standing in for Napoleon.

And there was much rejoicing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Testosterzone #15

Doesn't he look adorable, doing his schoolwork?

Look closer...

Why yes, I do believe Mr. Wyatt had something to do with that...

Something about, "I was being a log and rolling around trying to knock everybody down."

Or something.

I blame the Testosterzone.

Coming Soon...

Remember this?  It's been brewing for awhile...

But I finally finished it.  I made a little quilt that is totally unique.  My own plan.  But I have to get it in the mail before I post pictures.

I'm excited!  Although it's not really "me", I think it's one of the best ones I've ever done.  In fact, Kerry kind of wanted to keep it, but I told him I could do another one, similar but different, with colors that are more "us".  So he's fine with it.  Plus, he knows where it's going.

A Homeschool Moment...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

.. And All's Well That Ends Well

... at least for today.  :oD

We saw Tate's audiologist at Children's today and found that he has...

"no significant loss".

Which is great news.  There was some variation from his last test (March 09) and the last test at Children's (March or April of '08), but all in all, no significant loss.  Not even enough change to reprogram his HA.  His hearing has been basically stable for TWO YEARS.


And the fact that I called yesterday morning and got an appointment for this afternoon?  Well, let me just reconfirm what a God-thing that was by telling you that her next available appointment is June 29th.  Yah.

Tate has been a trooper through all of this.  Frustrated and miserable at times, but not whining or complaining.  Okay, a little complaining about all the pokes and "blood-lettings", but not much.

And with all the tests finished, and Tate seeming back to his normal self, I'm hoping we can put this all behind us and get on with our normal life.

As if we were ever normal.

Thank the Lord that He loves and cares for this bag of mixed nuts I call my family.

So Far, So Good...

We started school at 7:30am... why not?  My boys are early birds.

Tate and I popped down to see his regular doc for an 8:15 appointment that went just about exactly as I'd predicted.  Tate seems completely fine.  It was probably a fluky reaction to virus/dehydration/???  And it will probably never happen again.  See the doc if it does.

Swung by the hospital where the paperwork was waiting.

And home by 9am to resume school, which is almost completed for the day.

Gramma is coming for lunch and the trip to Seattle, and Kerry is here for the boys, with an agenda for the rest of the day.

Which, after the discombobulation of last week, seems to be flowing smoothly.

My friend Cutzi has also been having an eventful medical week (or two?) and had some very insightful reflections.  You can click over to her blog, Moon With A View, and read them if you like.  You'll be encouraged.  I promise.

And it got me thinking... well, this whole adventure with Tate has had me thinking.  Starting with his appendix last September.  That in spite of all the awfulness of it all (worse for him than me, to be fair!), it wasn't really as awful as it could have been.

We've been carried and supported all along.  By God, though we can't see Him.  And by God as we can see Him in our family and friends and circumstances.  Little things, like the hospital having all of Tate's paperwork ready and waiting.

And it reminded me of this verse.

Isaiah 40:11,
He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young.

We really need it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sometimes Things Just Click

My mind has been swimming (or swarming?) with details all weekend.  I had a good (phone) visit with a wonderful blessing of a friend - Tate's first audiologist - on Saturday and she prodded me to do something I should have thought of myself, get Tate right down to Children's and get his hearing tested.  Probably his adventure last week will have no permanent effects, but if it did affect his hearing any loss might be reversible if we get right on it.

So here's the good news...

1.  I read Tate right. 

He is a sweet-heart and doesn't complain much, but he's really, really tired of being poked and prodded.  Understandably.  When one of his nurses was doing a blood-draw he said something to me like, "I've hurt myself worse with a saw (recently) but it didn't hurt as much because I didn't know it was coming."  You know, the anticipation - the dread - makes everything worse.  So when we were ready to leave the hospital and they told me he'd need one more blood-draw right before his follow-up appointment with his regular doctor...

I didn't tell him.

And I felt kind of guilty about it.

And then yesterday afternoon we jumped in the van to run an errand and I said, "Tate, they need your blood one more time.  We can either do it right now and have it done with, or first thing tomorrow morning."  Well, neither choice was good, but we popped into the lab, no one was waiting, and the lab tech drew his blood in less than a minute.

And Tate, my little sweet-heart, thanked me for doing it that way.

2.  I got in touch with my friend/Tate's former audio (who moved away) and had a great and very timely visit with her.

Timely for both of us, for several reasons.

And when I called Children's to see about an appointment I was prepared to have to be tough, because they're really, really busy and you sometimes wait a long time for an appointment.  But this time it's urgent.  And what do you know, Tate's audio had a cancellation today AND tomorrow.  We'll take tomorrow, thank-you-very-much.  And...

3.  The hospital here in town is being more than helpful.

When I called to see about getting all of Tate's records sent to Children's, I really wanted them printed out for my own records, too.  (For the Tate File.)  It's not that I don't trust doctors, but things just take too long, sometimes, and I want it all at my own fingertips.

And before I could even ask the woman at Medical Records to do that, she said she would have them printed out right now so I could pick them up tomorrow morning.

4.  Gramma Grasshopper is available tomorrow.

Which is really nice.  Because, I'm a grown-up and I can handle this, but it's nice to have another adult along for the ride, because...

5.  Kerry is also available tomorrow...

... to manage the kiddos at home and get them to piano and soccer and feed them dinner.

Is it really all coming together that easily?  Pinch me...

Simple Woman #58

For Today...   April 19, 2010

Outside my window...   sunny skies, blooming apple trees, chirping birds, and (the bane of my husband's existence) dandelions - little spots of sunshine in the yard.

I am thinking...  what a whirlwind of a week and weekend we've had - Tate in and out of the hospital, Kerry out of town for the weekend, the new rabbit, schoolwork, et.

I am thankful for...   family and friends who jump right in to help and pray, warmer weather for the kids to play outside, and modern medicine.

I am praying for...   Tate's continued recovery - going well.

I am wearing...   jeans, T-shirt.  A fashionista I will never be.

I am creating...  my usual : order from chaos.

I am going...   hoping to be home today, as we have a bit of running around to do tomorrow.

I am reading...   It's All Too Much, by Peter Walsh.  Loving it.  Again.

I am hoping...   work for Kerry.

I am hearing...   the boys chattering as they draw, birds outside, and tappety-tappety-tappety.

From the learning rooms...   a pile, yes a pile, of work awaiting us...

From the kitchen...   The dishwasher is cleaning up yesterday's mess and I have absolutely no idea about dinner tonight.

Around the house...   our attention has been focused outside, more than in, the last couple of days :o)

On my mind...   getting some appointments lined up for Tate... follow-ups.

Noticing that...   even at the ages the boys are now (8, 11, and 13) they still seem to fall apart behaviorally when they get hungry... like in the morning, before breakfast.  Ugh.

Pondering these words...   No success in life can compensate for failure at home.

One of my favorite things...   crossing things off my list.

A few plans for the rest of the week...   catching up on school-work (we missed two days last week), soccer, piano lesson, soccer, doctor appointment, soccer, AWANA, soccer... yeah.  That's about what it looks like.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...  

Of all the bulbs I have planted, this is the only one the deer have allowed to remain.
Every morning I look out the window, expecting it to be gone -
eaten down to the nub -
but it's still here :o)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Meet Podger

Uncle Podger, to be precise.

He's a Holland Lop.

And already the center of much attention.

And isn't he looking well?!
Tate, I mean :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tate's New Groove

Or Tate's old groove.  Or something.

We're working our way back to normal -  for us anyway.  Had a regular school day and Tate had no problem at all.  His appetite is slightly less than average, but picking up.

I'm vacillating between hyper-vigilance and oh-he's-fine-just-look-at-him.  Although, looking closely,  he's almost but not quite fine.  He had the reddest cheeks today, and they felt warm to the touch - but not the rest of him.  Not feverish.  Go figure.

After dinner, when I sent him and Wyatt upstairs to shower and I reminded him to walk, not run, he had the nerve to put his hands on his head, roll it around, and tease me, "Oooohhh, I think I'm fainting... ooohhhh, I think I'm fainting!"  If he collapsed, it was only in giggles.

Little twerp.

And let me tell you....  He was very subdued and quiet while he was in the hospital, but no more.  He is talkingtalkingtalkingtalkingtalking.  You'd think he had a daily word quota he was assigned, and now that the bottleneck has been released, he's making up for lost time.

Or maybe I'm still getting over the high-intensity of the last few days.

Or both.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everything Went Blurry

The first time I took Tate to the ER on Monday, I thought they'd check him out and send us back home.  That was before the second episode at the ER.  And they still sent us home.

So when he collapsed the third time and I knew we were headed right back in to the hospital, I kind of packed in a hurry.  Oh my, it was more than a hurry.  I managed to grab the toothbrushes, Kerry's cel phone, and four pairs of clean underwear.  (Priorities.)  But a camera wasn't at the top of the agenda. 

Fortunately, as I was lamenting the lack - during the EEG - Tate's nurse came in with a digital camera and snapped these.  Before the test was done he was back with 8x10's!  (What a champ!)  So these are the only pics of this hospital stay.

If you've seen Tate in person, you can tell that he doesn't look his usual, exuberant self.

Tate did not like it when the guy giving him the EEG drew all over his head with a blue grease pencil.  I think it was pulling on his hair.  But he did oblige by going to sleep for the first part of the test - which is what they were hoping for, and cooperating with instructions for the second part.

Oh that kid is a trooper.

At the moment, his appetite is returning along with his sense of humor and the twinkle in his eye.

Getting back to normal.


Another Adventure with Tate...

... but this is not the adventure I was looking for.

No...   we've been at the hospital since Monday, when Tate had episodes.  Fainting, that looked a lot like seizures.  (Rigid body, vomiting, unresponsive.)  Not fun.  Especially the part about going to the ER after the first one,  having the second one there in front of the triage nurse, and getting sent home after five hours, and then having a third one that took us right back to the ER.  And getting a second IV placed.  And then lingering in the ER until 2:15am, when they finally got a room for us.  Because after nearly nine hours (minus driving home, Tate collapsing, and us driving right back) the ER very nearly had another patient.  Me.

Finally getting up to the Peds unit and the friendly and familiar (from Tate's previous stay) nurses was a huge relief.  Probably more so for me, as I could finally lie down.

Since Monday, Tate has had two IV's, two blood draws, two (or three?) lie-down-sit-up-stand-up blood pressure tests, two EKGs, an EEG (great picture forthcoming...), a CAT scan, and an MRI.  And if I there is part of the medical alphabet I somehow missed, chalk it up to lack of sleep.

The good news is - it's not epilepsy.  No brain damage.

The bad news is - we probably won't ever know what really caused it.

Two possibilities...

The most likely is that he's fighting off a virus (bloodwork and a mild fever support this), became dehydrated, and - for some reason - that caused the episodes, which the neurologist called anoxic seizures (not epileptic seizures).  If I understand this right, basically his blood pressure dropped and his brain temporarily wasn't getting enough oxygen.

The less likely possibility (and the impetus for some of the tests) is the chance of there being a connection between jumping on the trampoline Monday afternoon (when Tate first noticed feeling nauseous), his hearing loss (the same nerves process hearing and balance), and the seizures.

Just so you know, there's a big difference between feeling dizzy = lightheaded and feeling dizzy = the-world-is-spinning.  The spinning feeling - which Tate doesn't report - would link it to the nerve/inner ear.

If it ever happens again (and I hope and pray not!) we're to watch his eyes for twitching.

And in the meantime, no exercise (no soccer!) for a week, and no trampoline for THREE MONTHS.  Just in case.  And to protect him if it should happen again.

Thanks to all you friends for your prayers and to Mel-beth, and Gramma and Grampa for covering the other boys.

It's good to be home.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Simple Woman #57

For Today  April 12, 2010

Outside my window...  sunny, but cold.  We still have snow on some of the nearby hills.  But the grass is growing, robins are nesting, and the dandelions are blooming.

I am thinking...  how nice it was to (mostly) take a week off :D

i am thankful for...  friends, no rain on soccer Saturday, Grampa Grasshopper home safe from his hunting trip, and a TAX REFUND is coming.  Hallelujah!

I am praying for...  a friend with sick kiddos.  Not scary-sick, but no-joy-in-Mudville sick.

I am wearing...  jeans.  Well, duh.

I am creating...  I just finished a gift for a friend... but she might see this so no pics yet.

I am going...  to a baby shower this evening for two cousins - Jack and Mac.  Really.

I am reading...  lots of books about Lewis and Clark, with the boys.

I am hoping...  for warmer weather!

I am hearing...  robins, chickadees, and crows.

I am remembering...  must call bunny lady tomorrow and find out if the bunnies are big enough to leave their mama bunny.  Some very excited boys are waiting.

From the learning rooms...  trying to get back in the groove after a week of break.  Lets see, Lewis and Clark, ratios, times sevens, grammar - tenses, Rudyard Kipling, watercolor painting, and rejoicing with those who rejoice.

From the kitchen...  leftover soup. 

Around the house...  must put Easter things away.  And do something about all the dust.

On my mind...  the good time we had Sunday afternoon with our friends from church :D

Noticing that...  the days are getting longer.  If only they were getting warmer!

Pondering these words... 

One of my favorite things...  quiet.  Peace and quiet.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  school, school, and school, baby shower, homeschool meeting, Moms In Touch prayer group, AWANA, soccer, soccer, and more soccer.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

the tree in our front yard

Sunday, April 11, 2010

He's Baaaaaack...

It's Reepicheep, again.


After a busy day, Saturday, that started with the end of an overnight at Aunty Tami's for the boys, and included three soccer games at a very cold and very windy field, a birthday party, playing with friends, visiting our friends' church for their baptism, and dinner out after said baptism, we were done in.  It was all good, but it was... a LOT.

I collapsed into bed with Gunnar snuggled up beside me and we both sighed with relief and goodness.

Gunnar - This just is so comfortable.

Me - Home is the best place on earth.

Gunnar - Except for heaven.

Me - I did say on earth.  My favorite place on earth.

Gunnar - And Gramma and Grampa's.  You always feel right at Gramma and Grampa's.

Me - Yep.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To My Friends From Church...

You're doing something right.  

Well, lots of things.  But in particular I'm thinking about the way the church is a family, and relates to families and kids.

It's been a busy week at church, with all the special Easter events.  We were there Thursday evening for the Maundy Thursday soup and bread potluck and Lord's Supper.  We were there again Friday evening for the Tenebrae Service.  And on Sunday, though we missed the Sunrise Service at the farm (maybe next year), we were at church for Easter Service and the potluck brunch.

So I could understand if the boys were feeling a little "churched out", but I haven't heard a word of complaint.  In fact, they were were happy and willing to go to the extra events.  (Of course, food being involved always helps, but isn't the only draw!)

And here's the kicker...

Gunnar was playing with a friend recently, and came into the kitchen with a sigh.

"Mom, it's really sad.  ****'s got the wrong idea about church.  He thinks it isn't any fun and it's just for grown-ups.  That's really sad."

Because that's obviously not the message that Gunnar is getting.

And let me put that in perspective...

Our church does have Sunday School, with wonderful, devoted, godly teachers who bring God's Word to our kids at their level.  But other than that... the kids are included with the adults.  They are in church with the family.  And there is no children's church, no children's sermon, no children's worship with hand-motions and dancing.  None of the stuff that is supposed to entertain and amuse children.

Oh, except being included.  And being allowed and expected to participate.  And occasionally being recognized for that.  I've mentioned this before, here and here.

It's working.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Simple Woman #56

For Today...  April 5, 2010

Outside my window...  the calendar may say spring, and there are some hardy bulbs coming up in my flower beds that the deer haven't munched on yet, but once again there is fresh snow in all the hills around the lake.  Why, after such a mild January and February, are we getting winter now?

I am thinking...  about all I want to accomplish this week vs. I am feeling yucky.  This shall pass.

I am thankful for...  the boys have been really good this weekend.  It's nice that they're getting older and growing in maturity and self-control.  Not perfect (!) but growing.

I am praying for... work.

I am wearing... sweats, wool socks, layers.

I am creating...  I would love to do some sewing this week, but other things are higher on the list...

I am going...  to stay home as much as possible!

I am reading...  about Lewis and Clark, with the boys.  I've been waiting to get to this point in our history study with much anticipation :D

I am hoping...  to surprise myself by meeting my own expectations... HA HA HA!

I am hearing...  blessed, blessed silence.  And the furnace.  Hallelujah.

I am remembering...  our first house.  I dreamed that we moved back there.  Oh my heavens, we'd be bursting at the seams, but I do miss how nice it was to garden there (much better dirt) and our first mortgage payment... under $500/month!

From the learning rooms...  we are on Easter Break this week, so no official school.  Although we're going to be doing a lot of reading about Lewis and Clark, some projects I hope the boys enjoy, and a few science experiments.

From the kitchen...  lots of leftovers in the fridge.  Amen.

Around the house...  I finally got rid of the two extra chairs.  Yay!

On my mind...  how much free time to give the boys vs. they really do better with some structure to their days.

Noticing that...  the days are noticeably longer.

One of my favorite things...  Cadbury Mini-eggs.  Why don't they sell them all year?

A few plans for the rest of the week...  most of our regular activities are cancelled, as public schools are on break this week too.  Other than soccer practice, I'm really hoping to stay home as much as possible.  Lots of spring cleaning to do!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

This was May of 2007... how much they've changed!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Which We are Very, Very Muddy

It is Soccer Saturday #2.  Kerry took Wyatt to his morning game (which was relatively dry) and I took Tate and Gunnar to their afternoon games, which meant being at the fields from 2 until after 5pm.

Congratulate me.
Tell me I'm a good mom.
Because it was cold.
And wet.
And I wore so many layers
I was almost afraid to attempt a potty break.
I probably made the Pillsbury dough boy
look like an anorexic,
because I know how cold it is at the soccer fields.

As we left the house it began to rain,
and by the time we were heading out of town the rain got...  
 As in, partial snow.  And I had memories of this.
But it was more rain than snow.
And it began to come down so hard that it was difficult to see to drive.

We prayed.

The chunky rain continued to pour down.

Until we were - no kidding - about half a mile from the fields.

There was no question that the chunky rain had been there...

... but it was moving off to the east.

Driven away by a cold, cold wind.

Tate played first, and all was well because his team only had one sub so he was running almost non-stop for an hour.  And Gunnar was dry and bundled up in many layers.

But then Gunnar played his game and Tate was wet and muddy and cold
and had forgotten his dry boots.
Which reminded me of this.
And he doesn't believe me when I tell him that walking around, instead of just sitting,
will make him warmer.

Even when he's wearing my coat.

And we finally got home in a flurry of mud,
and Dad-with-a-hose-at-the-back-door,
and an empty laundry basket in the mud room
because I've seen you in your underwear
and you're not stepping foot into the house in those clothes,
and showers,
and heat,
and dry clothes,
and blessings for the inventor of the crock-pot,
and friends for dinner.

And only six more weeks of spring soccer.
But I'm not counting.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday, Tenebrae

The weeks leading up to Easter mark our "anniversary" of joining the family of believers at the Chapel.  Two years.  Three Easters.

They "do" church differently than we had been used to.  It's been a big change for all of us.  

A good change.

And tonight, TenebraeShadows.

We gather together, not to celebrate, but to remember the death of Jesus.

As the wind howls outside, shaking the old building and driving rain against the rattling windows, we sit in the pews and listen, and participate.

The scriptures.  The singing.  The prayers.  The seven last words.

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.

Dear woman, here is your son.  Here is your mother.

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

I am thirsty.

It is finished.

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.

The candles.  The darkness.  The bell.  The silence.

Even the boys are silent.  They're getting it.

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,
the author and perfecter of our fath,
who for the joy set before him
endured the cross, scorning its shame,
and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men,
so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.
Hebrews 12:2-3

Hey, a girl can dream...

The boys are at my folks' for a PTO day.  Yay, Grampa and Gramma!

Snuggling this morning, Gunnar sleepily asked, "What day is it, Mom?"

"It's Friday - PTO Day."

His eyes flew open with a big smile, and he said, "Gramma and Grampa are the best Gramma and Grampa in the whole world!"


And I'm at home, with my list... that I will never, never, never get to to the bottom of.

Sometimes I wish I could turn my whole house upside down and shake it. Gently.  Leaving everything nicely arranged on the lawn.  Then I could clean the house, top to bottom, (I think a high-pressure air hose would come in handy, yah?), and only put back inside what I really intend to be there.

And then the garage...

Well, we won't speak of the garage.

Despite the fresh snow in the hills, it is spring, and I'm taking the flannels off the boys' beds and remaking them.  And my own.  And you know what?  If I could have one luxury in life it would be this:

My bed, freshly made each day, with crisp, line-dried sheets.