Friday, September 11, 2009

The Tate Report

Tate, looking pretty miserable.

It's Friday morning and we're still at the hospital. Well, okay, I'm home. Doing laundry, paying bills, and loving up the other boys. Gramma Grasshopper is with Tate so I can have a little break.

The appendectomy went fine, but everything was a mess. It had ruptured and they had quite a job cleaning him out. He's improved a bit, but continued to run a temp and have abdominal pain. Plus, not much in the way of what Pooh would call a rumbly tumbly, and the nurses call "bowel tones'. Basically, his intestines have shut down, in protest. He hasn't had anything but sips of liquid in a WEEK. And, you can imagine, not much in the way of output either.

He perks up a sometimes and is enjoying the chance to play with the Nintendo unit they have in Peds, and watches movies.

The reason we're still there is... he's not getting better. Well, that seems obvious. I must be tired. He's improving, but not like we'd all hoped. Because he's still been running a temp and having abdominal pain they did a CT scan on Wednesday which revealed several abscesses and then did a "procedure" (we're not calling it "surgery") yesterday to drain them.

The good news is, they seemed to be healing on their own. But the bad news is, he still feels rotten. And he's missing soccer. And there's no way we're leaving in two days for our week-long camping trip.

We're hoping and praying that getting rid of more of the infection will help his body fight more effectively. We're really thankful to live where we have access to great medical care. Praise God for doctors, nurses, hospitals, and really good drugs.

And he's been enjoying visitors, too :0) His brothers come in every day, and his cousins came up from Issaquah on Monday.

My folks are helping out tremendously and Kerry is holding down the fort at home, but it's hard on the other boys too - especially Gunnar. He told Gramma, "We're just meant to be three boys at home." He really wants me to come home during the night, but is very mature and gracious about understanding that Tate needs me more, right now.

Seems like every time I turn around at the hospital I run into somebody I know! Two of the nurses that helped Tate in the recovery room yesterday were friends from various churches. The Peds nurses are wonderful - very compassionate and thoughtful.

But I am really tired of being in the hospital, and Tate even more so. There have been some funny moments, though...

I never realized how much Tate talks in his sleep.

I had no idea that those nasty perfume samples in magazines would last for NINE YEARS. Just check out the reading material in the East Tower waiting room, if you doubt me.

And I was surprised - though I probably shouldn't have been - to find out that the crocodile hunter shows that Kerry watched endlessly when I was in labor with Gunnar eight years ago are still on.

And, in just in case I was sad about not camping... I'm having a camping experience all week. The guest bed is directly under the air vent in Tate's room. It blows a cool breeze down on me 24/7. And I do mean a breeze - enough to blow the balloons around and blow my hair into my eyes.

Tate still has a sense of humor. After receiving a suppository he spent some time on the throne. When he came out he announced, "Well, I laid two little eggs."

When Aunt Tami asked how he was feeling, he said, "My stomach is trying to kill me. But I'm not going to let it win."

This is one of those times I'd give anything for a "magic mommy wand" that I could wave and make everything all better. But in the meantime, I keep giving him kisses and sips of water, holding the "pee jug", walking laps around the Peds ward with him, and watching crocodile hunters.

Thanks for your prayers,



Anonymous said...

Wow Julie! I had assumed all were home and recovering nicely. I'm so sorry to hear about the delays. Like you I'm praising God for excellent medical care.

I will continue to pray and specifically about the things you mentioned. I am fairly certain God cares for the digestive process, temperature, and abscesses of one small boy. Praying for the whole family... I know it is hard on everyone. May God bless Grandmas and Grandpas who live close enough to help when needed...

Hugs to you Julie and "Mom",

leah said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I can't believe you're still there! Praise God for top notch hospitals and skilled doctors, and we'll keep praying that his infection heals completely (and quickly)!

Gunnar's little comment that there are supposed to be "three boys at home" breaks my heart. Soon, there will be three boys at home. VERY SOON!

Ruby said...

This is tough.
Praying that all will resolve soon.
I'm so glad you have actually been to Australia and know that The Crocodile Hunter is not exactly representative of our people!!!

Ann said...

Oh, Julie, I never dreamed he'd still be in the hospital! We are definitely praying. Thank you for the update!

Deborah said...

Poor Tater-Bug!! I've been keeping him (and you too) in my prayers as I figured the absence of posting meant something was still up.

Thank you for the update! I will keep each one of you in my prayers -- especially that Tate will be feeling much better soon!

((Warm hugs))!!

Anonymous said...

Trust you are having a good day. Love your blog! I thought I left a comment yesterday ( or the day we missed you at the hospital). BUT, I see there is only one comment so I thought I would try again. We did miss two of you at church and are continuing to pray for a great recovery! Maybe today you will get to come home. Know our thoughts and prayers are with you. with our love, PB & j (pastor Bert and jane)