Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pure, Undiluted Tate

The boys had a PTO day yesterday up at my parents. If you're new here, a PTO day is Personal Time Off. And the boys think it's all about them. But it's for me.

They were in Boy Heaven because Grampa had a huge burn pile earlier this week. It had burned down to a manageable size for them to "help" him by throwing on sticks and branches in relative safety. AND because Grampa, being the amazing Grampa that he is, constructed for them


Wyatt and Gunnar had already enjoyed some 'trial runs', because he started the process while Tate was in the hospital. After they discovered that 300' of nylon rope has WAY too much stretch to it, Grampa made another trip to the hardware store for cable.

I'll post pics when I get them.

So, while they were up on the hill performing death-defying stunts and playing with fire, I was puttering around at home. My office is still in a sad state, but I made great progress on school stuff, including checking a bunch of Wyatt and Tate's language work. I'm using A Beka Language books for the first time. Wyatt's work is pretty predictable, but Tate's is always entertaining.

Tate, militant:
Instructed to make a sentence out of a fragment he was given, he took, "When sledding down the hill..." and added, "in tanks, we met up with the general."

Tate, observant:
Instructed to rewrite the following sentence, making it more informative, he was given, "Squirrels eat." His sentence, "Squirrels eat with underestimated enthusiasm."

Tate, before his hospital stay:
Instructed to write an imperative sentence, pretending to be a doctor, he came up with, "Get me a knife, I'm going to give this patient a lobotomy."

Tate, after his hospital stay:
Instructed to write a declarative sentence about friends, wrote, "Friends keep you company."


leah said...

...sledding down the hill, in tanks! HAHAHA! I love boys - they come up with the funniest things.

I was taught to read using the A Beka curriculum. I think it is a great system (I've even thought about buying their basic Kindergarten series for Matt, since he is beginning to sound things out).

The Squirrel said...

"Tate, observant:
Instructed to rewrite the following sentence, making it more informative, he was given, 'Squirrels eat.' His sentence, 'Squirrels eat with underestimated enthusiasm.'

Well, duh!



Ann said...

Okay, those sentences really and truly made me laugh out loud. Please give Tate my thanks for that!! I just love creative children - I think maybe because I'm so predictable, and it just blows my mind how kids can come up with stuff like that! Thanks for sharing!