Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The First Christmas Decoration

I'm sure some of you are waaaaay ahead of me, (and a few of you are thinking It's still November, for cryin' out loud...), but I'm just getting started on Christmas preparations.  
And believe it or not, the boys are asking when I'll get the decorations up.  

(An aside... Patience is something the boys can only store in minute quantities and apparently do not want to waste by using.  Ever.    Moving on...)

Tired of me dragging my feet and being distracted by trivial things like schooling, grocery shopping, and laundry, they disappeared into the family room, and presented me with this:

 ... a Lego nativity (their second? or third?)

Here you see the wise men bringing their generous gifts.

There are shepherds with sheep and an assortment of animals - horses, mice, even a pig and a frog.
No fire ants this year.

The baby Jesus was no preemie...

And an angel protectively watches over all.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Simple Woman 11-29-10

Simple Woman

For today, November 29, 2010

Outside my window...  a few tiny patches of snow left, where the boys had piled and packed it, but the yard has its "winter look" - the grass has been squished down flat by the snow and everything looks green or brown and dormant.  Just the evergreens look nice.

I am thinking...  that I would like to cancel school for the day and do some Christmas planning (and maybe shopping?) but that probably isn't a good plan.  Especially since we took the whole week of Thanksgiving off.  But maybe tomorrow...

I am thankful for...  safe travels for all of us over the holiday (especially since we drove down to Oregon right after the "big" snowstorm), family to get together with, family that likes to get together, the fun time we had, and how very good it is to be back home :D

I am praying for...  our focus, coming up on Christmas.

I am wearing...  blue jeans, layered shirts, blue/white/green patterned sweater, wool socks... it's just barely above freezing here.

I am creating...  can't tell!

I am going...  to get school going in a few minutes, to go by the store today for some candy for these, and to our last Messiah rehearsal tonight.

I am reading...  just skimmed through Honey for a Woman's Heart, and have a fresh list of possibilities!

I am hoping...  no snow until after next weekend (too much going on!)

I am hearing...  the boys working in the garage, the dryer tumbling, and a bit of wind.

I am remembering...  all my growing up years we had Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house - which is this house, that I now live in.  And my brother, sister, cousin and I always sat at "the kids' table".  Didn't matter how old we got... we were at the kids' table.

From the learning rooms...  decimals, percents and fractions, experiments with gravity, the Boxer Rebellion, cap/cape/capital/captain/capitulate/decapitate/recapitulate/capricious/etc. and memorizing Luke 2:1-20.

From the kitchen...  a bit bare, after being gone, need to go by the grocery store.  But tonight... tomato soup and "cheesy pleasy" (grilled cheese sandwiches).

Around the house...  before we left we cleaned and tidied, so we are ready to launch Christmas!

On my mind...   a busy week, my Christmas shopping yet-to-do, and a very musical weekend to come.

Noticing that...  the snow is lower on the hills than I would like it, when I have so much to do!

Pondering these words...  A comfortable house is a great source of happiness.
It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.
Sydney Smith

One of my favorite things...  about homeschooling, is all the snuggles I get from my "students"!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
four days of school,
decorating the house (!),
preparing the candy strips and wrapping the books,
Friday night Messiah,
Saturday morning Tuba Christmas,
Saturday afternoon Messiah,
Saturday evening lighted Christmas parade,
Sunday church, and
maybe get our tree?

Here is a picture I am sharing...

Getting ready...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

East or West...

... home is best.

We're back :D  Went to the Oregon coast for Thanksgiving - just like two years ago - and had a wonderful time.  Thanks to my very, very generous parents :D  Same people, same rental house, same beach... good times.  Just a little crazy getting there, but then it was all good.

My dad decided to buy a new (to him) truck.  In South Carolina.  So he and my brother flew across the country to get it, and drive it home.  Rather, to meet us in Oregon.   So, in a shuffle of vehicles and work-schedules, the boys and I rode down with my mom, and Kerry with my sister.  (It made sense.)

We planned to leave on Tuesday, but - as I mentioned - it snowed over the weekend.  And on Monday it hit Seattle.  And it was insanity.  Because here's the thing about western Washington.  We can drive up in the hills to snow any day of the year.  But it doesn't actually snow down in the cities very often because we're near the water (which moderates the temperature - and there's your mini-meteorology lesson for the day), so we're not as prepared for it as you might think.  Not so much in the way of plows and sanding equipment.  (I've actually seen a truck go through our neighborhood with two city employees standing in the back and shoveling sand onto the road.  Seriously.)

And the drivers?  You'll hear this from nearly everyone with a Y-chromosome:

Well, I know how to drive in the snow.  It's those other wackos you need to watch out for.  But I know how to handle it.

Right.  And I can slam-dunk.

Did you see on the news that many people who left their day jobs in Seattle on Monday evening didn't get home until from 1 to 3 am?  True.  (To be fair, you should know that the snow here is fairly wet, and when driven on quickly compacts to ice.)

So Tuesday morning my mom called and said,

On the news they're telling everyone that doesn't absolutely have to get somewhere to stay home.

So we need to get going right away.

All right, Mom, I see your logic.  (?)

So we loaded all our stuff, extra food and water, warm clothes, blankets, hats, gloves, boots, and my three precious babies (!) into her car and took off.  Praying for safety.  (Okay, I know they're not babies.  But when possible danger is involved, they're My Babies.)

And it was amazing.  I think everyone was scared to go out.  And yes, there was snow on the road from Everett to Olympia, but with hardly any traffic, we sailed right through.  Easy squeezy.

Got to our rental in the (fading) daylight, without being bundles of nerves.

And Gramma even took us out to dinner.  And here was our moment of comic relief.  She wanted to go to a Lincoln City institution - The Pig 'n Pancake.  But Gunnar was a bit concerned.  He wasn't sure that Christians ought to be going there.  Huh?  Um, say it fast.  He thought it was the Pagan Pancake.  Too bad for Gramma -  it was closed - so we settled for Li'l Sambo's. (No kidding. Not part of the chain.)

I'll try to get some pictures up, but in the meantime... it was all great, but it's good to be HOME!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baked Turkey Taquitos

I have a thing for turkey.  I love it.  I have turkeys in my freezer all year round.
Any given month I'll cook a turkey, have it for dinner, and freeze the leftover meat in 2C bags.
Works great in recipes that call for chicken, and way cheaper.
Like Turkey Pot Pie, which is so good it's practically food porn.

But I realize that not everyone shares my affection for the big bird, and I want to help you.

So you've had your big Thanksgiving dinner, and you have leftover turkey.
What to do?  Try these...

Baked Turkey Taquitos

 Warm your oven to 425F while you gather your ingredients.
For you metric folks, 220C ought to work.

I like to line a large baking sheet with foil to make clean-up easier,
and spray it with Pam. Or mist it, if you're a mister.  Ha ha.

You will need:

1/3 - 1/2 C cream cheese
1/4 C + salsa

Soften your cream cheese, blend in the salsa,
and then add the following:

1 T lime juice
1/2 t cumin
1 t chili powder
1/2 t onion powder - optional, since you'll be adding green onions
1/4 t garlic powder

Mix well, then add:

2 T sliced green onions
2 C shredded cooked turkey
1 C grated cheese - your choice (jack, cheddar, mozza, mix...)

You'll need to soften your tortillas to make them easier to roll without cracking.
I put mine in the microwave with a damp paper towel for about 30 seconds.
The original recipe, which I think I got from Cutzi, called for corn tortillas,
but we usually use flour.  you will need:

about 16 small or 10 large tortillas

Spread a few tablespoons of the mixture in the middle of each tortilla,
leaving a good half inch at each end.
This one is a bit over-full, maybe.

Roll them tightly and put them, seam side down, on your baking sheet,
not touching.
They need personal space to get that yummy, crunchiness we want.

Spray, or mist them lightly, and sprinkle them with
kosher salt.

 They need about 15 - 20 minutes to bake.
The ends should start to brown up,
and the tortillas get nice and crispy.

You could sprinkle more cheese on top while they're baking,
but they don't need it.
Dip them in salsa, guacamole, or sour cream...
or just eat them plain.
Serve them with rice and beans, and some salad or fruit, 
and you've got a full meal that doesn't taste like leftovers.

You're welcome.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Testosterzone #17

All three of my boys are "all boy".  But Wyatt and Tate are more alike - more competitive, more aggressive - while Gunnar has his own quirky spin on life.

Wyatt and Tate are more likely to chew their food into weapons and shoot each other over breakfast.  Gunnar, on the other hand, took a bite of his toast and looked at it thoughtfully.  He turned it toward me and held it an an angle.

Look, Mama, it's southeast Asia.  Here's India, and this would be Singapore.

And then he stuffed the entire continent into his mouth.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The First Thanksgiving?

When you think of the first Thanksgiving, do you picture this?

Think further back...

In Exodus (Exodus 23:14-17), up on Mt. Sinai, God instructed Moses to celebrate three yearly Thanksgiving feasts!  These festivals were part of the Jewish law.  The Feast of Unleavened Bread commemorated God's deliverance from slavery in Egypt.  The Feast of Harvest celebrated the first fruits of the crops.  And the Feast of Ingathering came at the end of harvest, when the last of the crops were gathered in, as well as celebrating God's provision during the forty years of wandering.

It makes me sad to see Thanksgiving kind of disappear amid all the commercialism of Halloween and Christmas.  And when we (the collective "we") do observe Thanksgiving, we tend to focus more on the blessings than the source.  When we encourage our kids to be thankful, let's not forget who we're thankful to.

(Stepping off my soap-box now.)

I'm shutting off the computer to focus on family for the next few days.  I've scheduled a couple things to post (to help me resist the temptation to log on), but I won't be "around".

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise Your glorious name.  1 Chronicles 29:13

Simple Woman 11-22-10

For Today, November 22, 2010

Outside my window...  SNOW!  The boys are on pins and needles.  It really isn't enough to play in, though they've tried valiantly.  We got about three inches Friday night, but it's so cold and dry it's been blowing all over the county.  Today we've been getting what I call "Wisconsin snow".  I spent a winter there, and it seemed like it snowed every day, but it never accumulated like it (usually) does here.

I am thinking...  as usual, mentally ticking off the things I need to do yet today.

I am thankful for...  had a VERY busy weekend, with Kerry's dad and his wife in town.  All went well, but lots of noise and activity.  So I'm thankful for a good visit, and thankful to settle back in to our normal routine.

I am praying for...  one friend's church, another friend's marriage, safe traveling for my dad and brother (and others) with icy roads coming into the Thanksgiving weekend.

I am wearing...  my I'm-not-leaving-the-house-today sweats.

I am creating...  a bare house.  Since we're not hosting Thanksgiving this year, the boys and I have packed away our fall decorations, cleaned the house, and moved the furniture, in anticipation of launching into Christmas after Thanksgiving :D

I am going...  to work steadily through my to-do list, to check the potatoes boiling on the stove, and to *gasp* skip Messiah rehearsal tonight due to weather and general pooped-out-ness.  I'll pop in the CD and sing along at home.

I am reading...  Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham.  Always good for a little relief (or temptation?) this time of year.

I am hoping...  for a restful and refreshing holiday weekend.

I am hearing...  wind in the trees, the furnace about to start blowing again, and the timer (reminding me of the potatoes).

I am remembering...  anticipating holidays, as a kid.  Huge.  Just huge.

From the learning rooms...  holiday-school this week ;D

From the kitchen...  cleaning out left-overs from the weekend.  Made decadent potato skins for lunch.

Around the house...  bare, clean surfaces, books, books, and more books, and a big empty spot waiting for a tree.

On my mind...  so thankful for church, for family, friends, and boys that can be helpful with household chores.  Wish I had snapped a picture of Gunnar washing the potatoes, Wyatt peeling, and Tate chopping.

Also, buzzing around my brain: 33 days until Christmas.

You're welcome.

Noticing that...  dang, it's cold.  About 23F but blowing.  So how cold is it?  Here, let me help you:

 So, probably about 5F.  Or about -15C.
Cold.  Just cold.

Pondering these words...
Pray that you will not long for things Jesus died to deliver you from.

One of my favorite things...  quietness.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  getting together with my family for Thanksgiving.

Here is a picture I am sharing... 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

And The Answer Is...

The babies look like this...

And the adults look like this...

No, they did not get out.  The lid was on tight.

And we disposed of them.


Friday, November 19, 2010

This is Not the Homeschool Science You Were Looking For

The boys and I had a mini cleaning-blitz this morning, getting ready to have company this weekend.  As I checked the back bathroom I noticed Tate's jar of dirt.

Weeks ago he announced that he'd found some eggs in the dirt outside and wanted to see if they would hatch.  Being a mom of boys, I save a few random jars for moments like this, and off he went.

The eggs look like this...

...sort of clear, round, and gelatinous.

The boys checked them daily at first, and then we all kind of gave up on them, and I banished the jar to the back bathroom.

Well, they've hatched.

Any guesses?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Might Be A Geezer If...

The boys were talking with me about an upcoming family trip.

Gunnar - Remember last time, in Oregon, I got to snuggle with you every night?

Me - Well, not this time.  Daddy's coming.  You guys get the bunk room, with Uncle Dave.

Gunnar - Oooo, yah, the Man Room.

Me - Yah, that'll be great.

Gunnar - Daddy gets the Geezer Room.

Me - Um, that's my room too...

Tate, to Gunnar - Mom's not a geezer, but Dad is entering Geezer-hood.

Gunnar - Yah.  When you get visible gray hairs...

So now you know.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Just wanted to reassure you that we're working hard over here to fulfill all your geeky homeschooling stereotype expectations...

New neighbors (with a little girl and two boys! Tate and Gunnar's ages) presented themselves at our front door last week, on the night of Wyatt and Tate's soccer party.

Hi!  Welcome to the neighborhood!  So glad to meet you!  Now come in and visit for precisely fourteen minutes, and then we have to leave.

On discovering that they are Christians and the dad is, in fact, a pastor, my boys (all of them, *ahem*) leapt to the conclusion that these people must therefore be Just Like Us.  And proceeded to say tactful things like, We have our share of wackos in the neighborhood.  (That would be Kerry, referring to some of the more rabid environmentalists.)

Please, hold your applause.

There's more.

In my boys' brief visit to their house they somehow managed to inventory nearly every room (They have a school room, too, Mom.  And Legos.  But not as many as us.)  Well good gracious, most African nations don't have as many Legos as reside in our family room.  Sheesh.  They also explored the attic crawl space, and confirmed the parents' political orientation.  (So, Gunnar, how did you work that into the conversation?  deadpan look:  I don't remember, Mom.)

Then when their boys came over here to play, our boys promptly took them back to another neighbor's yard (which they have been mowing and weeding since July), cut some bamboo to make weapons, and introduced the newcomers to the glorious tradition known as Stick Wars, probably sending them home with fresh bruises and skinned knuckles.

Then, to top it off, Sunday evening we invited the parents back over and served them....

popcorn and blue kool-aid.

Don't you wish you were lucky enough to live across the street?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple Woman 11-15-10

For today, November 15, 2010.

Outside my window...  a soggy, mucky driveway and a soggy, wet yard, full of soggy, wet leaves.  Hoping they'll all dry enough for the boys to rake them up.

I am thinking...  how much we take for granted, related to a book I've been reading.

I am thankful for...  Kerry has gotten some more work - an answer to prayer!

And another answer to prayer... I'd been praying about friends for the boys, since some of ours seem to be increasingly busy lately, making it hard to get together.  

First I ran into an "old" friend from a previous church.  She just started homeschooling and is looking to get connected with moms and kids.  And she has boys the ages of Tate and Gunnar, as well as a girl.  We're getting together on Wednesday for doughnuts and a park day - weather permitting - or playing here, if it's too wet.

Next, new neighbors showed up on our doorstep!  A pastor and his wife and three kids have moved in across the street.  They also have boys the ages of Tate and Gunnar, and a younger girl.

And yes, I noticed that Wyatt doesn't have anyone new his age, but he's enjoying the other boys too.

I am praying for... missionaries.  One we just met yesterday, heading to Papua New Guinea to use his accounting skills for the Lord.  Does that sound funny?  But how cool is that - the Lord can use all kinds of people and skills.  And when a mission agency has (how many?  did he say 400?) missionaries in a country, somebody has to keep track of the money.

And our missionary friends in Zambia, who just killed a Black Mamba on their front porch.   Gives me the shivers.  I told him I'm praying Psalm 91:13-14 for them.

I am wearing...  blue jeans.  t-shirt.  sweater.  Ta-daa.

I am creating...  secrets :D

I am going...  to do more reading, to try to get my Christmas shopping done by the end of this month, and to sprout wings and fly.

Hoping for two out of three.

I am reading...  Evidence Not Seen, by Darlene Deibler Rose.  She and her husband were young missionaries in Indonesia (Celebes?) and were taken captive by the Japanese during WWII.
Get this from your library and read it.
And be thankful.

I am hoping...  to bound out of bed, full of energy and enthusiasm, every morning at 6.  Or 6:30.  Because, you know, that comes so naturally to me... especially these cold, damp, dark mornings.

I am hearing...  quiet.  Too quiet...  (If you have boys, you'll know what I mean.)

I am remembering...  the year I was expecting Tate he was due in November.  I'd had an easy delivery with Wyatt and hoped for same with Tate, but just in case things went otherwise, I had all my Christmas shopping done by October.

That may have been the best Christmas ever.

And have I ever repeated that feat?  No.
But do I hope to?  Yes.
At least by the end of November, yah?
Because then I'm free to focus on the important stuff.

From the learning rooms... pioneers and the Oregon Trail, fragments and run-on sentences, General Custer, finding % of a number, tornadoes, Geronimo, punctuating quotations, Andrew Carnegie, figuring compound interest, and Proverbs for young friends.

From the kitchen...  probably leftovers - taquitos, rice and beans.

Around the house...  Tate's birthday "booty" is still out and needs to be put away.  Otherwise, I'm enjoying my fall decorations and candles ;D

On my mind...  why do I forget to ask God for help with things?
When He helps us so abundantly and continually!

Noticing that...  Wyatt is a different creature when he's around boys than when he's around men.

Pondering these words...  

Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain.
Martin Mull

One of my favorite things...  finishing a quilt.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Messiah rehearsal, driving to my brother's with my mom, meeting our friends for doughnuts, possibly a PTO day but the schedule is unclear, in-laws coming into town for the weekend, and looking forward to Thanksgiving :D

Here is a picture I am sharing...  

About the time we started homeschooling, the boys created Dino-opolis.
Here are its humble beginnings, which the boys refer to as...
 ... The Cone Age.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

Remember those who have served and are serving our country.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


At dinner last night Gunnar was describing all the glory that was the chocolate turnover he had sampled at lunch.   He went on to imagine how wonderful it would taste to drink warm brownie batter.  (And now you know more about our family than you may have cared to...)

Kerry turned to him and said, "Gunnar, maybe when you grow up you'll be a chef!"

Gunnar wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Nah, I've already got plans.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



My little Tater-bug...
... is growing.

Seems like just last summer he was like this...
... loving his quad-runner and driving all over the beach.

Watching the waves with Gramma...
... and probably hearing them for the first time,
with his brand new Hearry Maids.

 He's fascinated by history and science.

Loves animals.  Especially Podger.

And look how grown up he's getting!
And that dimple!

I love it :D

He is my hardest worker.  Diligent.  Persistent.  And self-motivated.

Reads his Bible every morning, without me reminding him.

And full to absolutely overflowing with good ideas and plans.

And although I'm only supposed to call him Tate in public,
he'll always be my sweet little Tater-tot,
or my Tater-bug.

Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Simple Woman 11-8-10

For Today, November 9, 2010

Outside my window...  nearly all the leaves gone from the dogwoods, the little maple,
and the big mystery tree.  
Well, not gone.  
They're all over the driveway.  And soggy.  
Hmmm... I have a little job for the boys ;D

I am thinking...  about yesterday.
We had family here to celebrate Tate's and my mom's birthdays.
And it was just right :D

I am thankful for...  my family, a warm cozy house,
and those Costco hams that come in the red foil.

I am praying for...  work for Kerry and my brother.

I am wearing...  jeans.  Navy t-shirt.  Five-dollar fall sweater from Goodwill.  Score!

I am creating...  Christmas goodies :D

I am going...  to get the bills paid (!), to have the boys make cards for Veterans Day,
and to tell myself no-more-soccer, while I listen to the rain gurgling in the downspouts.

I am reading...  My Antonia, by Willa Cather.

I am hearing...  the rain, the washer spinning, and the boys playing.

I am remembering...  12 years ago, in labor with Tate.
His actual birthday is tomorrow - the 9th - as he was born just after midnight.

From the learning rooms...  growing beans in light and in shade, Korea, multiplying by nine,
drawing pilgrims, Cuba, ratios, and book reports.

Around the house...  still recovering from yesterday's party.  Tate's birthday booty is spread out in the living room.  The extra leaf is still in the table and extra chairs need to be put away.  Candle holders need to be refilled.  And there are wonderful leftovers in the fridge :D

On my mind...  making priorities as I look ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Noticing that...  the boys are growing so fast!

Pondering these words...  46 days until Christmas.

One of my favorite things...  having a house full of family, and then the peaceful quiet later.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  school, Wyatt and Tate's soccer party, Messiah rehearsal, Tate's actual birthday tomorrow, and that's just plenty.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

Just one adorable but messy little reason the boys do not eat in my van...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Aside About Bathrooms

Yes.  We have four of them.  And yes, I feel a bit guilty about that from time to time. 

It's what comes of having a 108 year old house that has been remodeled more than once.

And this isn't just an old house, it's an old family house - as in, my mom's family since 1902.  We bought it when my grandparents died.  Exterior pics HERE.

Cool, yes definitely.  But old houses have their little quirks.  Like, the original bathroom opens directly into... the kitchen!  Why not?!  How fun is that!  And to make it even better, it has no window and no fan for ventilation!  Woo-hoo!

Up (the very steep) stairs were two large bedrooms.  But no bathroom.  No heat.  And not much for insulation or outlets either.

When we moved in the boys were 2, 4, and 7 and we didn't want to be sleeping on separate floors, right?  The house seemed HUGE compared to our old house!  So we all slept upstairs and used the "master bedroom" as a family room.   Perfect.  But kind of a trek to the bathroom at night... (out of the bedroom, around the corner, down the stairs, through the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the family room...)

So when we remodeled upstairs, we added two more bedrooms and two upstairs bathrooms.  One master bedroom suite (!!!) and a bathroom/laundry room that the boys use.

The plan is to turn the bathroom off the kitchen into a big pantry with a utility sink.  It's a great plan.  And I'm sure we'll do it when we get some money... 

Because I really don't want to clean four bathrooms.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy Blitzing Worker Bees...


  • cleaned the fish bowl (Jack looks much happier)
  • done the dishes - I love a clean, shiny, empty sink
  • moved in second repainted dresser (this one not as fancy, but just as useful)
  • cleaned vacuum filter (yuck)
  • folded five loads laundry
  • put away five loads laundry
  • mended two pairs of pants (Tate's)
  • ironed boys' church shirts
  • vacuumed the living room and dining room
  • dusted same
  • swept kitchen and mudroom
  • mopped kitchen and mudroom
  • truly scrubbed kitchen and mudroom floors
  • waxed kitchen and mudroom floors
  • cleaned kitchen cabinet doors
  • cleaned off their (boys') dressers
  • dust mopped upstairs bedrooms
  • vacuumed the stairs
  • cleaned four (four!) bathrooms, minus showers (next time)
  • stripped mom and dad's bed
  • sheets in wash
  • all dirty towels from cleaning and all floor mats in the next wash
  • set up tables for tomorrow's party :D

And there may be more later.

Now, as it's raining, they're rotting their brains on the playstation in the garage.  A well-earned reward.

What a change from when they were all little!  Now, with four of us working, we can get a lot done very quickly.  They are truly helpful now.

Good boys!

So I won't show any pictures of the state of the play-room.  They can tend to that later ;D

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking Up

After two days in my you-can't-make-me-leave-the-house sweats, things are looking up.

Thanks in part to you bloggy friends, who will giggle along with me about sword fights and the frozen north, rather than lamenting my ill-mannered children ;D

Yesterday did not begin well.

I did not feel well.  At.  All.  (Nothing contagious, I promise.)  And I had zero tolerance for complaining, provoking, whining, defiance, and general snottiness.

One boy (who shall remain nameless) and I had a private little Bible Study before I began school with his brothers.  He remained downstairs copying an array of verses centered on a theme... Proverbs 12:15, Psalm 101:5, and Proverbs 21:4, to name a few.  He was quite... um... displeased with my decision.  Resulting in an increase in his workload.  *sigh*  But he did settle down and do the work.  And then, when he finished that, his schoolwork.

Meanwhile, I hobbled upstairs to attempt to educate the other two, generally more biddable children.  One of whom threw a five-alarm ballistic tantrum because I had the nerve to correct - are you ready for this? - his letter formation.  (You know, start the f at the top, not the bottom, and the b shouldn't look like a 6.)

My.  Well, I'll say this, he may be small but his vocabulary is extensive.

He also earned some writing to do for me.  *double sigh*

At least that child has a conscience.  It wasn't long before he came to me in my office, with tears in his eyes, repentant.

And begging me not to move to Alaska.

Today has been better, though I still feel rotten.  The sun is shining and the temps are up in the 60s.  I canceled our afternoon work and sent the boys outside.

And I've been reading a couple of library books - Hens Dancing and Summertime by Raffaella Barker.  Fun.  And, while I know the British tendency to exaggerate, reading about people whose lives and homes seem quite out of control does make me feel a bit better about my own.  Is that awful?!  Even with two days of doing next to no housework, things haven't yet fallen into complete chaos.

Which is good, because there are three days to prepare for the party.

Tomorrow we will be busy like little worker bees.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Approaching the Cliffs of Insanity...

Apparently I am so mean that I should move to Alaska.

For a year.

It's a tempting offer.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Simple Woman 11-1-10

For Today...  November 1, 2010

Outside my window...  gray skies, wet ground, and soggy leaves blowing around.

I am thinking...  now that soccer is done, I don't care what the weather does.
The days are getting shorter, the dark comes early, and I love cozy evenings with the candles lit,
reading together.

I am thankful for...  my family :D

I am praying for...  my brother.

I am wearing...  jeans, warm socks, stripey sweater - leafy green, soft orange, blue, gold... fall colors.

I am creating...  finally got started on a Christmas gift.  No pictures, though!

I am going...  to cut back my online time and work on Christmas secrets.  I got a really good idea for the boys... can't share it yet, though.

I am hoping...  for more work for Kerry, to get together with some friends, to have fun with the boys.

I am hearing...  the washer and the dryer.

From the learning rooms...  the Monday pile will have to wait a little, as Tate's appointment is first thing today.  But I feel so much more relaxed about school - well, about everything - now that soccer is done.  Which doesn't completely make sense, since their practices didn't conflict with our school hours, but somehow it all connects to me... go figure.

From the kitchen...  once again, it's Monday and I'll be out, so Kerry is in charge of dinner.

Around the house...  since we finally finished the old dresser I've been moving furniture around to accommodate it, and now Kerry is repainting a couple other things for me... maybe pics later.

On my mind...  sibling rivalry and our sin nature.

Noticing that...  time flies.

One of my favorite things...  the week after soccer season ends.  :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Tate's annual well-check first thing this morning, school work - of course, friends (we hope) are coming over this afternoon, rehearsal tonight,
and no soccer.

Here is a picture I am sharing...  
Here is one of our contributions to our church's Reformation Day potluck.

They were a big hit.
And so were the "Roasted Papal Bull" meatballs.