Monday, November 29, 2010

Simple Woman 11-29-10

Simple Woman

For today, November 29, 2010

Outside my window...  a few tiny patches of snow left, where the boys had piled and packed it, but the yard has its "winter look" - the grass has been squished down flat by the snow and everything looks green or brown and dormant.  Just the evergreens look nice.

I am thinking...  that I would like to cancel school for the day and do some Christmas planning (and maybe shopping?) but that probably isn't a good plan.  Especially since we took the whole week of Thanksgiving off.  But maybe tomorrow...

I am thankful for...  safe travels for all of us over the holiday (especially since we drove down to Oregon right after the "big" snowstorm), family to get together with, family that likes to get together, the fun time we had, and how very good it is to be back home :D

I am praying for...  our focus, coming up on Christmas.

I am wearing...  blue jeans, layered shirts, blue/white/green patterned sweater, wool socks... it's just barely above freezing here.

I am creating...  can't tell!

I am going...  to get school going in a few minutes, to go by the store today for some candy for these, and to our last Messiah rehearsal tonight.

I am reading...  just skimmed through Honey for a Woman's Heart, and have a fresh list of possibilities!

I am hoping...  no snow until after next weekend (too much going on!)

I am hearing...  the boys working in the garage, the dryer tumbling, and a bit of wind.

I am remembering...  all my growing up years we had Thanksgiving at my grandparents' house - which is this house, that I now live in.  And my brother, sister, cousin and I always sat at "the kids' table".  Didn't matter how old we got... we were at the kids' table.

From the learning rooms...  decimals, percents and fractions, experiments with gravity, the Boxer Rebellion, cap/cape/capital/captain/capitulate/decapitate/recapitulate/capricious/etc. and memorizing Luke 2:1-20.

From the kitchen...  a bit bare, after being gone, need to go by the grocery store.  But tonight... tomato soup and "cheesy pleasy" (grilled cheese sandwiches).

Around the house...  before we left we cleaned and tidied, so we are ready to launch Christmas!

On my mind...   a busy week, my Christmas shopping yet-to-do, and a very musical weekend to come.

Noticing that...  the snow is lower on the hills than I would like it, when I have so much to do!

Pondering these words...  A comfortable house is a great source of happiness.
It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.
Sydney Smith

One of my favorite things...  about homeschooling, is all the snuggles I get from my "students"!

A few plans for the rest of the week...
four days of school,
decorating the house (!),
preparing the candy strips and wrapping the books,
Friday night Messiah,
Saturday morning Tuba Christmas,
Saturday afternoon Messiah,
Saturday evening lighted Christmas parade,
Sunday church, and
maybe get our tree?

Here is a picture I am sharing...

Getting ready...


Cutzi said...

I'm going to have to look for Honey for a Woman's Heart. I bet it's a great resource. Not that I have much time to read..

I love your little candy things. I need to get on making something Advent-y like that.

H West said...

oooooo. . .Julie. Love the template. And the borders are so perfect!

The dB family said...

Ohhh, I love those words to ponder! I wish I could be there to hear your Messiah concert. Nothing says Christmas until I've played Handel's Messiah REALLY LOUD at least once.

Your blog looks wonderfully festive! How did you get those tabs at the top!? Is it one of the templates?

Enjoy your week! Blessings!

leah said...

You know, we call grilled cheese sandwiches "cheesy pleasey," now. I just love that name!

Love the new blog background- looks so warm and cozy and Christmas-y!!!