Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Just wanted to reassure you that we're working hard over here to fulfill all your geeky homeschooling stereotype expectations...

New neighbors (with a little girl and two boys! Tate and Gunnar's ages) presented themselves at our front door last week, on the night of Wyatt and Tate's soccer party.

Hi!  Welcome to the neighborhood!  So glad to meet you!  Now come in and visit for precisely fourteen minutes, and then we have to leave.

On discovering that they are Christians and the dad is, in fact, a pastor, my boys (all of them, *ahem*) leapt to the conclusion that these people must therefore be Just Like Us.  And proceeded to say tactful things like, We have our share of wackos in the neighborhood.  (That would be Kerry, referring to some of the more rabid environmentalists.)

Please, hold your applause.

There's more.

In my boys' brief visit to their house they somehow managed to inventory nearly every room (They have a school room, too, Mom.  And Legos.  But not as many as us.)  Well good gracious, most African nations don't have as many Legos as reside in our family room.  Sheesh.  They also explored the attic crawl space, and confirmed the parents' political orientation.  (So, Gunnar, how did you work that into the conversation?  deadpan look:  I don't remember, Mom.)

Then when their boys came over here to play, our boys promptly took them back to another neighbor's yard (which they have been mowing and weeding since July), cut some bamboo to make weapons, and introduced the newcomers to the glorious tradition known as Stick Wars, probably sending them home with fresh bruises and skinned knuckles.

Then, to top it off, Sunday evening we invited the parents back over and served them....

popcorn and blue kool-aid.

Don't you wish you were lucky enough to live across the street?


Cutzi said...

I love it. In fact, I was WE lived across the street from you. Steele needs some a little stick war in his life. ;-)

Ruby said...

Oh, I'm disappointed. From the title I thought there would be some weird behaviour in this post. Ho hum...just another day at the Grasshoppers, eh!
(I think it would be rather fun to live across the road from you AND maybe we would not be the weirdos in the street!)

leah said...

My boys would LOVE to live across the street from you guys. Stick wars? Pure testosterzone bliss!

melanie said...

What?! Were you out of stock on your oysters on the half-shell?? ;-)

(blech ~ blue tongues and popcorn sound much better)

Our kids love to talk politics (um, yeah, so do Tim & I) ~ so family reunions can be 'interesting' ~ not to mention Sunday school and youth group :o

Definitely weird. =) Ain't it grand?!

Felicity said...

I DO!! We have very few kids in our neighbourhood (no homeschoolers that we know of) and no friends nearby...
(Feeling sorry for us??)
I think (no.. I KNOW) my boys would like stick wars, and they wouldn't mind blue kool-aid either.

Cathy M. said...

I always say, what's a back yard without a puji stick pit?

What became of the little girl... or should I ask?

Q said...

No wine and caviar? Psh, yeah, I couldn't be your neighbor. ;)

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I have to wonder how we'd fair under that kind of scrutiny! We'd probably come out as just another family of neighborhood weirdos!