Monday, November 22, 2010

Simple Woman 11-22-10

For Today, November 22, 2010

Outside my window...  SNOW!  The boys are on pins and needles.  It really isn't enough to play in, though they've tried valiantly.  We got about three inches Friday night, but it's so cold and dry it's been blowing all over the county.  Today we've been getting what I call "Wisconsin snow".  I spent a winter there, and it seemed like it snowed every day, but it never accumulated like it (usually) does here.

I am thinking...  as usual, mentally ticking off the things I need to do yet today.

I am thankful for...  had a VERY busy weekend, with Kerry's dad and his wife in town.  All went well, but lots of noise and activity.  So I'm thankful for a good visit, and thankful to settle back in to our normal routine.

I am praying for...  one friend's church, another friend's marriage, safe traveling for my dad and brother (and others) with icy roads coming into the Thanksgiving weekend.

I am wearing...  my I'm-not-leaving-the-house-today sweats.

I am creating...  a bare house.  Since we're not hosting Thanksgiving this year, the boys and I have packed away our fall decorations, cleaned the house, and moved the furniture, in anticipation of launching into Christmas after Thanksgiving :D

I am going...  to work steadily through my to-do list, to check the potatoes boiling on the stove, and to *gasp* skip Messiah rehearsal tonight due to weather and general pooped-out-ness.  I'll pop in the CD and sing along at home.

I am reading...  Skipping Christmas, by John Grisham.  Always good for a little relief (or temptation?) this time of year.

I am hoping...  for a restful and refreshing holiday weekend.

I am hearing...  wind in the trees, the furnace about to start blowing again, and the timer (reminding me of the potatoes).

I am remembering...  anticipating holidays, as a kid.  Huge.  Just huge.

From the learning rooms...  holiday-school this week ;D

From the kitchen...  cleaning out left-overs from the weekend.  Made decadent potato skins for lunch.

Around the house...  bare, clean surfaces, books, books, and more books, and a big empty spot waiting for a tree.

On my mind...  so thankful for church, for family, friends, and boys that can be helpful with household chores.  Wish I had snapped a picture of Gunnar washing the potatoes, Wyatt peeling, and Tate chopping.

Also, buzzing around my brain: 33 days until Christmas.

You're welcome.

Noticing that...  dang, it's cold.  About 23F but blowing.  So how cold is it?  Here, let me help you:

 So, probably about 5F.  Or about -15C.
Cold.  Just cold.

Pondering these words...
Pray that you will not long for things Jesus died to deliver you from.

One of my favorite things...  quietness.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  getting together with my family for Thanksgiving.

Here is a picture I am sharing... 


Anonymous said...

33 days? It can't be! I love the picture!

melanie said...

It's c.o.l.d. here too, but no snow... yet. And I am hoping it all waits until we are home again from our Thanksgiving travels =)

Felicity said...

Oh no -- Eeekk!!! I can't believe it can get that cold. I have NEVER experienced that... Here we complain when it gets to 0 degrees Celcius. (Then again - we don't have heated homes so...)
I love the picture, looks like fun.
I don't know when Thanksgiving is exactly, but I hope you have a good one!

Guiding Light said...

What an AWESOME picture! Oh yes, and thank you (not LOL) for the reminder of how many days till Christmas. Blessings to you!

The dB family said...

Yes quietness! We're supposed to get some snow this weekend too...