Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy Blitzing Worker Bees...


  • cleaned the fish bowl (Jack looks much happier)
  • done the dishes - I love a clean, shiny, empty sink
  • moved in second repainted dresser (this one not as fancy, but just as useful)
  • cleaned vacuum filter (yuck)
  • folded five loads laundry
  • put away five loads laundry
  • mended two pairs of pants (Tate's)
  • ironed boys' church shirts
  • vacuumed the living room and dining room
  • dusted same
  • swept kitchen and mudroom
  • mopped kitchen and mudroom
  • truly scrubbed kitchen and mudroom floors
  • waxed kitchen and mudroom floors
  • cleaned kitchen cabinet doors
  • cleaned off their (boys') dressers
  • dust mopped upstairs bedrooms
  • vacuumed the stairs
  • cleaned four (four!) bathrooms, minus showers (next time)
  • stripped mom and dad's bed
  • sheets in wash
  • all dirty towels from cleaning and all floor mats in the next wash
  • set up tables for tomorrow's party :D

And there may be more later.

Now, as it's raining, they're rotting their brains on the playstation in the garage.  A well-earned reward.

What a change from when they were all little!  Now, with four of us working, we can get a lot done very quickly.  They are truly helpful now.

Good boys!

So I won't show any pictures of the state of the play-room.  They can tend to that later ;D


Q said...

LOVE dispatchable children!

leah said...

LOVE it! I must dispatch mine to clean up Duplos (oh, the ever spreading Duplos)!

Cathy M. said...

I love how clean my house is right before entertaining guests. You're so blessed to have such good helpers. Hope your party is a great success!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Seriously? At what age does all the helpfulness start?

melanie said...

Read this earlier ~ Thanks for the reminder to do my ironing!

Organizing Mommy said...

Exhale already. whefff.... You're making me feel like slug. Good job.

Ruby said...

Great job! We had a mini blitz here to get back on track too but no scrubbing or waxing I'm afraid. Don't know anyone that does that here. AND we only have one bathroom! (You really have four?)

H West said...

Let me know when ya'll want to stop by here.

The dB family said...

In my dreams! Glad you had a very productive day and that you have such great helpers! If we could actually stay home on a Saturday for once, I might get something more done. *Sigh!* Oh well, 'tis the season of life I am in right now. Perhaps you would like to send me a couple of boys ;o).