Friday, July 31, 2009

Still alive...

Don't get excited, this isn't a real post.

Oh, I'm working on one. It's all in my head.

In the meantime:

* We're fine, nobody sick, no visits to the ER, nothing dramatic.

* It's hot. (Let the whine-fest begin). 103 yesterday, at my parents' house. We spent the afternoon IN the lake. Not AT the lake, IN the lake. In our corner of the PNW we're not used to much heat. Nobody has air conditioning in their home. And that's usually fine. But for about one week every summer, or maybe two, we have hot weather. Some 40+ year old mothers join their kids in the backyard kiddie pool, and get taken by surprise when an unexpected man comes to meet with her husband, but I'm sure I don't know anything about that. (Trying to put it behind me.)

* I'm still working on "the project", which is about 3/4 finished. When I'm no longer tied to the computer I may feel more like blogging. *sigh*

* I have been scribbling notes on the back of our list of library books, now probably overdue. However, I now have no idea what some of these notes mean. If I figure it out, you can look forward to reading about such things as "B-17 bomber", "naked", "gogglers", "%^&*( Watershed Nazis", and the ever popular "Legos".

Yes, it's after midnight. That's when it's cool enough to think straight. Sort of.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

UPDATE: Friday 7-31

God is merciful. It's 30 degrees cooler today.

I'm making good progress on The Project.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bloggy Break-ation

My mom, who lives a mere 15 minutes away and with whom I talk nearly every day, has been disappointed with me.

"You haven't been blogging!"

I know. I'll be back. I don't think any of my regular readers (all three of you... ha ha), will be worse off for not knowing what the little Grasshoppers are up to. But, in case you were concerned...

All is well.

Funny, though, that what I would call "normal, good days" aren't very interesting to write about. And, just possibly, not terribly interesting to read about.

So here's the latest, breaking news:

* It's summer.

* We're playing.

* There was a glorious thunderstorm, the night before last.

* On rainy days we do a bit of school work.

* Now I know what "Guy Fawkes Day" is all about.

* Wyatt had a birthday - reported in the post below.

* We are doing an experiment to try to discover if bean plants will always twine the same direction around a support, or whether it varies.

* And I'm working on a "project" (not a quilt). It's taking up a fair bit of my free time, and I have to do it on the computer... which is affecting my desire to sit here and blog. (As does sunny weather.)

I hope that will hold you for awhile. In case you need more to ponder, please, consider the following:

* My otherwise adorable seven- eight-year-old boy will remove himself to the hallway when he is upset, and stand in front of the mirror to watch himself throw a tantrum. I have no explanation for this.

* Why on earth would I give in to a moment of nostalgia and buy Sugar Babies as a treat for the boys when two of the three of them have BRACES?

* If you happen to run into "Eduardo", "Cyndi", or "Carlos", please assure them that I have no need for Viagra, so they can stop sending me offers.

Thank you. That will be all.


My 13 year old...

Yep. Wyatt had a birthday, yesterday. He's choosing to delay his "family party" until we're all together, on vacation next month, but we did have a special dinner and his favorite dessert - raspberry pie.

I am truly boggled to think that we've been on this parenting journey for thirteen years. It couldn't have been so long ago that Wyatt was scooting around the living room on his back (he didn't crawl), fascinated with rockets, doing toddler Elvis impersonations ("Goodness! Gracious! Great balls of fire!"), taking naps, and doing the "fakie baby" dance.

But today I have a 13 year old that mows the lawn, rides his bike to piano lessons and back, has figured out more about his digital camera than I will ever learn, writes and illustrates his own stories, and knows things. That I don't.

He makes me crazy sometimes... being such a boy, with energy oozing out of every pore. (Do they all think it's their mission in life to dismantle my house, and then my sanity?) But I'm in awe of his quick mind, his coordinated body, and the growth we're seeing in many areas.

So, congratulations to my oldest, my 13 year old!

Happy Birthday... and many more :0)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Woman #25

Simple Woman

FOR TODAY July 6, 2009

Outside My Window... clouds, wind, showers expected.

I am thinking... I really love our church - our church family. We had "Campfire Church" last night, out on the Gibson Family's farm. Had a campfire on top of the hill, roasted wienies, potluck (more than plenty), and set up lawn chairs for singing and the message. The kids all got along (and didn't burn anything but a few marshmallows), and everybody kind of looks out for everybody. I love this.

For instance, one of the younger mom's husband is a fire-fighter, and gone (on duty) for a few days, but she came with her 3 kids, ages four and under. As soon as they spotted her coming up the hill, folks headed down to meet her, carry the baby, carry her stuff, etc.

I mean, I know things like that should be common courtesy, but you don't always see it. And it was just so natural.

I am thankful for... family, friends, things to look forward to.

I am praying for… blog-world friends, with the Air Force, who are being stationed in Japan. Five of their nine children are going with (four are older), and on Sunday morning as they were set to fly out of Sea-Tac, their van (with luggage, papers, passports etc) was stolen. They're updating at Choosing Joy.

From the learning rooms... all is quiet. The boys are at my parents' for the day.

From the kitchen... hmmm, dinner plans. Probably chicken and corn on the cob.

I am wearing... jeans, t-shirt and sweater

I am creating... zippity do dah.

I am going... we are scheduled to go camping later this week. Hoping the weather improves.

I am reading... Just picked up 18 books at the library. (We take a laundry basket.) Which one first...

I am hoping... for dry weather when we camp!

I am hearing... leaves rustling in the wind, but the house is amazingly quiet.

Around the house... I really must put our b'day presents away. I'd kind of forgotten that some of them were still out, "displayed". Other than that bit of clutter, it's funny how the house stays a lot cleaner when we're all outside, though the weather may change that.

One of my favorite things... order.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: preparing and packing for the camp-out, going camping, and then Relay for Life (ACS Fundraiser) on Fri/Sat.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The delights of an old home...
captured by Gunnar

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Really, really good news

I mentioned our friends in Zambia a few days ago. The daughter who was sick - Bradyn - seems to be doing much better. Thanks again, to my friends who prayed for her.

And we have more good news from them... they have been going through the process to adopt a child from Zambia, and yesterday they got to bring her home! The adoption isn't officially complete until after a 3-month "foster" period, but for all intents and purposes, she is now their child.

You can read all about it at Alive In Africa. We are rejoicing with our friends!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Happy Independence Day!

Remember, freedom isn't free.

Enjoy this "repost" from Pyromaniac Dan Phillips about real freedom.

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

The funny thing about blogging is that sometimes the best days seem really boring to write about. Haven't posted much this week... and it's all been good :0) This week has been sunny, about 75-80F, and breezy. Which, from my perspective, is just about perfect! With many of the boys' friends gone on vacation this week, (all at the same time! what's up with that?!), we've been getting a lot done around the house.

We putter away at science projects, (our beans are sprouting and our yeast is inflating a balloon), knock off a few math review lessons, and we've been reading about the Protestant Rebellions in Holland and Scotland. I know, it's summer (!) but for heaven's sake, I don't force them to learn something every day, and it's only for about an hour!

Then they've been doing some jobs... for which they get paid. Ordinary chores are not pay-worthy. We all work because we live here. But sometimes there are extra chores... like digging up stumps, moving and spreading piles of dirt, and things like that.

And, of course, summer has its own rewards... like setting up the swimming pool.

Yes, it may be a dorky little "bubble pool" (that's my name for it), but for the boys... it's hours and hours of splashing, soaking, swirling, screaming fun. Of course, Tate can't wear his HA in the pool, so not only are they just loud because they're boys... they're even louder. They make whirlpools and then float on the current, they play some sort of tag game with the Toypedo, they invent all kinds of things. It's grand. And because it is just a dorky little bubble pool, I don't have to hover right next to them every moment.

Fun for them, and bliss for me :0)

Gunnar and his ducky

Run in circles! Make a vortex!

Wyatt, taking his sweet time actually getting wet.

Tate doesn't hesitate at all

Gunnar, stalking his brothers, like a shark

My handsome guys...

... just have to be silly!