Monday, July 6, 2009

Simple Woman #25

Simple Woman

FOR TODAY July 6, 2009

Outside My Window... clouds, wind, showers expected.

I am thinking... I really love our church - our church family. We had "Campfire Church" last night, out on the Gibson Family's farm. Had a campfire on top of the hill, roasted wienies, potluck (more than plenty), and set up lawn chairs for singing and the message. The kids all got along (and didn't burn anything but a few marshmallows), and everybody kind of looks out for everybody. I love this.

For instance, one of the younger mom's husband is a fire-fighter, and gone (on duty) for a few days, but she came with her 3 kids, ages four and under. As soon as they spotted her coming up the hill, folks headed down to meet her, carry the baby, carry her stuff, etc.

I mean, I know things like that should be common courtesy, but you don't always see it. And it was just so natural.

I am thankful for... family, friends, things to look forward to.

I am praying for… blog-world friends, with the Air Force, who are being stationed in Japan. Five of their nine children are going with (four are older), and on Sunday morning as they were set to fly out of Sea-Tac, their van (with luggage, papers, passports etc) was stolen. They're updating at Choosing Joy.

From the learning rooms... all is quiet. The boys are at my parents' for the day.

From the kitchen... hmmm, dinner plans. Probably chicken and corn on the cob.

I am wearing... jeans, t-shirt and sweater

I am creating... zippity do dah.

I am going... we are scheduled to go camping later this week. Hoping the weather improves.

I am reading... Just picked up 18 books at the library. (We take a laundry basket.) Which one first...

I am hoping... for dry weather when we camp!

I am hearing... leaves rustling in the wind, but the house is amazingly quiet.

Around the house... I really must put our b'day presents away. I'd kind of forgotten that some of them were still out, "displayed". Other than that bit of clutter, it's funny how the house stays a lot cleaner when we're all outside, though the weather may change that.

One of my favorite things... order.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: preparing and packing for the camp-out, going camping, and then Relay for Life (ACS Fundraiser) on Fri/Sat.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The delights of an old home...
captured by Gunnar


Deborah said...

Wow! Love the photo!! Very creative! Seeing as we're not camping this week, you shouldn't get any rain. Oh wait, you live on the other end of the continent, so it shouldn't matter if we were. It just a given that it rains when we camp.

Hope you enjoyed your quiet day, a good book, and may your preparations for camping go well too! Happy camping!!

Ann said...

I absolutely love Gunnar's picture! That is awesome!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

I grew up in a house with cut-glass doorknobs... I loved how the light would play through them.

Well done, Gunnar!
Thanks for sharing!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Gunnar says, "Thanks!"

He was tickled that I put up his picture, and kind of awed to be receiving compliments :0)

Ann Marie said...

I see an eye that follows Grandad. Way to go Gunnar! :)

Cutzi said...

Ohhh... I love our church too. And I loved that everyone (including you!) came to help me that night. I didn't want to miss out on the fun of summer evening church even though I did feel a bit harried. I was blessed.