Friday, July 31, 2009

Still alive...

Don't get excited, this isn't a real post.

Oh, I'm working on one. It's all in my head.

In the meantime:

* We're fine, nobody sick, no visits to the ER, nothing dramatic.

* It's hot. (Let the whine-fest begin). 103 yesterday, at my parents' house. We spent the afternoon IN the lake. Not AT the lake, IN the lake. In our corner of the PNW we're not used to much heat. Nobody has air conditioning in their home. And that's usually fine. But for about one week every summer, or maybe two, we have hot weather. Some 40+ year old mothers join their kids in the backyard kiddie pool, and get taken by surprise when an unexpected man comes to meet with her husband, but I'm sure I don't know anything about that. (Trying to put it behind me.)

* I'm still working on "the project", which is about 3/4 finished. When I'm no longer tied to the computer I may feel more like blogging. *sigh*

* I have been scribbling notes on the back of our list of library books, now probably overdue. However, I now have no idea what some of these notes mean. If I figure it out, you can look forward to reading about such things as "B-17 bomber", "naked", "gogglers", "%^&*( Watershed Nazis", and the ever popular "Legos".

Yes, it's after midnight. That's when it's cool enough to think straight. Sort of.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!

UPDATE: Friday 7-31

God is merciful. It's 30 degrees cooler today.

I'm making good progress on The Project.



Ruby said...

Great to see this pop up but it's also been great not to see you?! Meaning - you are having too good a holiday to blog!
Naked? on the list is a bit of a worry. It doesn't go with hubby's visitor I hope!!

Deborah said...

Send some heat our way! We haven't had a day over 30C yet. We did have a beach day yesterday though. The kids went in, but I didn't.

Glad to know all is well. Missing your posts!


leah said...

I was going to leave a comment to see what had happened to you guys- I thought maybe you were on an extra long vacation! We've been outside playing a lot, too (when it isn't raining- you can have your weather back whenever you want it)!

I love the new blog background!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

HA HA HA, Ruby! No, "naked" has nothing to do with the client, but it's not too far off how I felt in the kiddie pool, in my ratty old "bathers", as you'd probably say :0)

I'll be back soon, with pictures and stories, we're just enjoying our summer, as I hope you all are,


Ruby said...

Bathers, yes. Here in Qld we ussually say togs!

Colleen said...

Three things, one relevant to this post, the other two, not so much:

1) thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for the lake time. It made the heat this past week far more bearable.

2) Do not sit down with the entire pint of ice cream. (Remember what I said about that alleged four servings? Ha!)

3) Also do not sit down with the whole plate of cookies. 'nuff said.