Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I sat at our dining room table recently, balancing my checkbook and paying bills.

Ugh. What an unpleasant way to spend a summer day!

I tried mightily to concentrate as a herd of boys migrated from the complex game they'd invented (involving Legos) in the playroom, to the pool, to the trampoline. (Yes! A trampoline! A new adventure... more about that later.) A loud thunk on the window startled me and I suspected the boys of throwing fir cones, but didn't see anyone.

Shortly afterward Gunnar came blazing into the house, his eyes open wide, and said, "Mom! Come quick! We've found a bird and it's stuck!"

Stuck? Stuck?

Not exactly stuck, but stunned I think. A little chickadee sat under the edge of the trampoline. No blood or obvious injury.

We each took turns holding it, gently. The boys brought it some bird seed, and a shallow cup of water, and Tate ran for the camera. In spite of my repeated suggestions to move back, because the camera can't focus quite that close, this is the best shot we got.

Our little chickadee friend hung around for about half an hour before he recovered enough to fly away.

I think that explains the thunk on the window.

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Deborah said...

I'm glad he was okay. What a great way to learn about the little guy though. You almost want to thank him for hitting the window just hard enough to be stunned, but not injured.