Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Because I like pictures...

... here are a few more.

Gunnar really loved exploring the caves at low tide.

Mr. Spooky

I know it's far away and blurry, but that's a whale spouting.
Yes, we saw whales.

Gunnar is big on "thumbs up!" lately.
That's our rental house above him on the left.

Tate and his artwork

Wyatt flying the kite... again :0)

"I live for the beach, Mama."


leah said...

The water at the beach might be cold up there, but the pictures sure are beautiful!

Flying kites, drawing in the sand, and exploring caves... what could be better? What a great trip!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Happy times ;0)

tammy said...

Amazing! I love all the great pictures! What a fun time!

Colleen said...

Loveliness. I want to be there. In that house, on that beach. That is all.

Oh, I lied. That is not all. Glad to have you back and hope to see you soon!