Saturday, August 29, 2009


Tate got mail recently from the Lego company, announcing a "Lego Event" at WalMart stores, and even had the address of the WalMart nearest us. As if I didn't know.

Bring in the coupon between 10 and 2, today, and get a free kit - a little orange crab. It looked about the size of something you'd get in a Happy Meal, but - of course - Tate was ecstatic at the thought of free Legos, and pleaded until I agreed to take him. To WalMart. On a Saturday. (My usual m.o. for shopping is early on weekday mornings when things aren't crowded, but I digress...)

Well, we saw lots and lots of little boys we know! All standing in a mob, back in the toy department, clutching coupons. But no little orange crabs. Just a bunch of dads, joking about mobs and WalMart and Black Friday.

A junior manager appeared who clearly hadn't expected all of us and hadn't been forewarned (or supplied) by the Lego company, and scurried off to the phone to see what he could accomplish.

A lot.

Hurray for WalMart and hurray for Legos!

For the next hour anything that said "Lego" on it was $15 off. And if it was under $15, it was free. One per kid.

So, just when I'd come to the conclusion that we really don't need a single additional Lego in this house...

...we came home with forty bucks worth of Legos... for five dollars.


I told the boys it's a "Back to School" treat. From God. And WalMart. And the Lego Company.

And besides. Legos are educational. Maybe someday they'll build something as cool as this. (The Swimming Cube from the Olympics.)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I just legos myself! My kids started with "duplos" the big fat chunky ones and graduated to the smaller "more mature" legos for the truly inspired!

leah said...

Way too cool! I signed Matt up for the "Lego Club" but we haven't gotten any mail yet. Legos are simply wonderful.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I was pretty impressed at the way the manager and - undoubtedly - the Lego company handled the mix-up. The boys were ecstatic.

And Leah - mostly what you'll get will be catalogs. My kids LOVE them, but sometimes I hide them because they just want more and more and more.

Ann said...

I think we live in the wrong town! :-) How fun!

And, yes, I would have gone, too. It's just too much to resist!