Friday, August 28, 2009

Sheer Joy

These are from a while ago, out on the lake with my dad - Grampa Grasshopper. The first time he took the boys tubing was a few years ago. Wyatt and Tate were probably 7 and 5... maybe 8 and 6.

Oh. My.

It was so much fun it was practically an out-of-body experience. Especially for Tate. Wyatt's a bit more cautious, but Tate - who was tiny - was standing up in the innertube, jumping up and down, trying to make it bounce. (While I tried to forget that up at that end of the lake it's like a fjord - over 300 feet deep.) And Gunnar was really little - afraid to go by himself so Kerry and I would take turns riding with him.

Well, we've come a long way.




Gunnar and Grampa Grasshopper

Wringing every ounce of fun out of summer we can.


leah said...

What great pictures! Our summer came and went within the span of a week (I have a sweatshirt on today). If only summer days could last forever!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I always felt that way growing up! And I still do, for my kids. But I'm coming to like fall best.

We're heading to the lake in a half hour... :0)