Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're Cool

Okay, I'll stop complaining about the heat. It's actually cooled down quite a bit. Daytime temps are 70's and 80's, and down in the 60's at night. Hallelujah.

But I'm really, really thankful we can do THIS when it's hot! We go to the lake. In this case, with our friends. As long as I can count eight boys' heads, everything is fine.

Of course, this...

usually leads to this.

Kerry gives the boys rides on his old wind-surfer.

And our friends brought their canoe, to add to the fun. Though the boys seem to take great delight in capsizing it deliberately.

That's my Tater-bug, way out in the middle! He's a pretty good swimmer, but I'm glad to see he was wearing a life jacket if he was going out that far. This part of the lake is like a fjord... VERY deep. Over 300' deep.

We BBQed dinner on my parents deck, (103F, at one point), and then enjoyed the cooler evening.

The boys are all watching for shooting stars and satellites. And lightning. For several nights thunderheads built up over the foothills of the Cascades, but no rain for us.

They are lounging on a fancy-schmancy airbed my parents have been sleeping on... out on the deck.

We're cool... oh so very cool!


Deborah said...

That all looks very very fun!! And great ways to keep cool too!

Cutzi said...

I love this. I love seeing all those boys out there having fun, being boys. I imagine you looking back at these pictures someday when they're all grown up.

Isn't the 'cool' so much nicer?? Ahhhh....

leah said...

Talk about boy-heaven. A lake, a windsurfer, and boats on top of everything!

Maybe some of your heat will come our way- we were in the 40's last night and yesterday we barely hit 63 as the high! No one should wear fleece in August, lol.

Colleen said...

What fun boys we have! : )

Okay, we've gone to the other extreme. This is *too* cool for me, given that it's still August. Can we just settle at 75 for the rest of the summer, please?