Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Teen Adrenaline

A few pics of Wyatt's b'day celebration in Oregon...

Very excited about his own personal raspberry pies.
Of course, after eating these two mini-pies,
he also had an enormous piece from the bigger pie I made.

Yep, count 'em, thirteen candles.

He wasn't disappointed but seemed surprised
to be getting almost nothing but cash from most of us.

Until he realized it was intended as spending money...

But look at Gunnar's face.
He had realized, even before Wyatt, what Wyatt was being offered.
And he's about a millimeter from tears...
trying hard to be happy for Wyatt.


Deborah said...

Wyatt will have so much fun!

On a totally different note, I had to chuckle at the Huesein Bolt (sp??) pose. We did two different photo shoots this week where the boys did that exact pose. I live in a very small world :o). I had no idea that this Bolt guy had started something. At least now I get it when I see boys with bent and extended arms.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that's funny! I doubt Wyatt would know who Bolt is (other than the dog from the Pixar movie), but he's probably seen other boys do that... or maybe his uncle!