Friday, August 21, 2009

Random bits of news

We've been to the orthodontist and the (new) doctor this week.

* The good news is that the orthodontist fixed Tate's head-gear, which Wyatt broke/bent on vacation. How, you might ask? Let's just say that snapping each other with wet towels can have unintended results. Aaarrgghhh.

* Saw our new doctor this morning. Our family doc, who I've known for over 30 years (!) has just retired. We're breaking in his replacement. So far, so good.

The better news is that since switching meds a month ago Wyatt has gained five pounds. FIVE POUNDS!!! The new doc impressed me by noticing from Wyatt's chart that he has been small-for-age since before he ever started on the meds, so while they may contribute to his low weight they aren't the sole explanation.

But five pounds!!! Understand that he is thirteen years old and that recent gain brought him all the way up to 79#... still small, but progress :0)

* As we ran our errands this morning the boys were given lollipops at the bank. Big ones, not little Dum-Dums, and I heard a surprisingly large juicy noise from Gunnar. He explained:

Mom, you know how water comes from somewhere in your body and appears in your mouth?
Well, I'm suckerin' and I couldn't swallow so I had to slurp to get it all.


Ruby said...

Your boys come out with some classics - like my own. Which is handy for us as it gives us blog fodder!!!!
Love the ship picture and I'm sure Dad did too. Many happry returns Mr Grasshopper!
Have a great weekend all!

leah said...

There must be a rule of bank ownership out there: to own a bank, you must have an inexhaustible supply of lollipops!

Good news on the weight gain for Wyatt! And the fixed headgear for Tate, lol. Boys!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Not only do the banks give out lollipops, some of them give out doggy treats.

Good grief.

And Leah, I knew you'd understand about the weight gain :0)