Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Looking Up

After two days in my you-can't-make-me-leave-the-house sweats, things are looking up.

Thanks in part to you bloggy friends, who will giggle along with me about sword fights and the frozen north, rather than lamenting my ill-mannered children ;D

Yesterday did not begin well.

I did not feel well.  At.  All.  (Nothing contagious, I promise.)  And I had zero tolerance for complaining, provoking, whining, defiance, and general snottiness.

One boy (who shall remain nameless) and I had a private little Bible Study before I began school with his brothers.  He remained downstairs copying an array of verses centered on a theme... Proverbs 12:15, Psalm 101:5, and Proverbs 21:4, to name a few.  He was quite... um... displeased with my decision.  Resulting in an increase in his workload.  *sigh*  But he did settle down and do the work.  And then, when he finished that, his schoolwork.

Meanwhile, I hobbled upstairs to attempt to educate the other two, generally more biddable children.  One of whom threw a five-alarm ballistic tantrum because I had the nerve to correct - are you ready for this? - his letter formation.  (You know, start the f at the top, not the bottom, and the b shouldn't look like a 6.)

My.  Well, I'll say this, he may be small but his vocabulary is extensive.

He also earned some writing to do for me.  *double sigh*

At least that child has a conscience.  It wasn't long before he came to me in my office, with tears in his eyes, repentant.

And begging me not to move to Alaska.

Today has been better, though I still feel rotten.  The sun is shining and the temps are up in the 60s.  I canceled our afternoon work and sent the boys outside.

And I've been reading a couple of library books - Hens Dancing and Summertime by Raffaella Barker.  Fun.  And, while I know the British tendency to exaggerate, reading about people whose lives and homes seem quite out of control does make me feel a bit better about my own.  Is that awful?!  Even with two days of doing next to no housework, things haven't yet fallen into complete chaos.

Which is good, because there are three days to prepare for the party.

Tomorrow we will be busy like little worker bees.



melanie said...


Felicity said...

Hope you're soon feeling great!!
My kids also can't see the big deal of letter formation...

Ruby said...

Ah...I seem to sigh a lot some days as well.
Hope you are feeling better :-)

The dB family said...

Okay, I think we were living parallel lives yesterday -- except my kids weren't home, but if they were.... I can only imagine... because yesterday evening... well lets just say I'm glad today is a new day! (I still don't feel great either).

Blessings, my friend!

leah said...

Well, I'm glad you don't have to move to Alaska after all! What a relief!

Sometimes a day off makes the most sense of all- and now I need to check out a few library books (oh, I do love reading)!

Cathy M. said...

Glad your ship is sailing in calmer seas today... and not headed to Alaska.