Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, I'm writing from the hospital, where Tate is recovering from having his appendix removed on Friday. I couldn't get a pic uploaded so you can see how rotten he's feeling, but he may appreciate that in the long run! (But I'll try again later anyway...)

Poor guy, his appendix had ruptured and none of us knew it. He just knew his tummy was hurting, but he kept playing and eating, and even went to soccer practice on Thursday evening. By Friday morning we were shlepping around between the doctor, the imaging center (for an ultrasound), the lab, back to the doc, and finally the hospital where he had surgery Friday evening.

Finally getting him some pain relief was huge and he was a bit funny in his loopiness. As a nurse approached him to draw some blood he gave her a wary look and said, "That's three blood-lettings." She was very gentle :0)

Then on the way to the OR, in a morphine fog, he looked around and said, "Is this where I'll be having the amputation?"

Anyway, the surgery was successful, though he's been pretty miserable. They were able to do it laparascopically (sp?) so he has three "little holes" rather than a big incision, but it's the gas that's really bugging him.

And I have to be the mean mom and make him get up and walk around. We do laps around the unit, with him pushing his IV tower. In his greenish hospital gown he looks like a little turquoise ghost. But he doesn't see the humor yet.

Prayers appreciated.


**UPDATE** Sunday afternoon...

If you want specific ways to pray for Tate -
* The gas in his abdomen is really painful. Pray that it dissipates.
* His digestive tract has shut down in protest. Pray that it gets back on the job.
* His temperature has been trending down - which is good - but everytime he gets a bit of fever that resets the clock as far as thinking of bringing him home. Pray for no infection/fever.
* Most of the time he's been very cooperative and gracious, but he's getting testy about being made to move around and made to do the breathing exercises, all of which is painful. Pray for his attitude.

We are VERY THANKFUL to live where we have access to first class health care. The doctor and nurses have all been great to us. The Peds floor even has "Fun Stations". They wheeled a unit into his room yesterday which has a couple of games (Mario something or other, and motorcycle racing maybe?) and plays DVDs and vids, which helps to pass the time.


Ann said...

He definitely has our prayers! Wow, what a weekend! So glad the surgery went well!

Cutzi said...

Oh no! No wonder you weren't in church this morning. Glad everything is resolved - we'll pray he heals quickly.

Also, thanks for your phone call last week. We were on vacation for six days. Had a great time and it feels good to be home and getting into the fall swing.

Deborah said...

Wow! We will certainly be keeping Tate and all of you in our prayers! I'm glad it was discovered sooner rather than later!


Ruby said...

Praying from afar that Tate's recovery goes well. It is really hard to keep up a good attitude for long when you are in pain :-(
Hope Dad is coping with the other guys okay too.

tammy said...

Poor guy! I remember when my hubby had his gall bladder removed, he was in agony with the gas! I hope Tate's feeling better real soon.

hearingelmo said...

Poor little guy! I will be praying for him... and the rest of the family too!

leah said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I hadn't checked your blog in a few days. I will definitely pray for that gas to go away, for Tate to get some motivation to walk the halls and do some breathing exercises, and for that pesky fever to stay down!

Maybe telling Tate there are some legos at the end of the hallway will get him moving (g). Poor little guy- appendicitis is definitely not something you expect!

Choate Family said...

Praying for patient, doctors, and mama!

Ambulance Mommy said...

oh man!! i hope you guys are doing ok after this!!! Having had surgery with the gas, yeah, it's kind of awful after as it dissapates. Hope Tate's spirits are up, and now, since it's a few days later, you guys are home recovering.

Mrs. Squirrel said...

This is the first chance I've had to catch up.

I'm glad that the Holy Spirit can translate my prayers through the brain fog and pain I've been battling with my migraines. [All office generated...]

Do keep us posted.

Gentle hugs to one and all.

Anonymous said...

Hello all you guys! We were happy to hear that things went well this afternoon. Praying that HOME will soon be your resident again!!!!! Sorry we missed you this afternoon. Our thoughts are with you. Pastor Bert and jane