Saturday, September 12, 2009

"With Authentic Battle Damage"


The boys have a few Star Wars action figures. Some look new and pristine, but some are made to look battle-worn. Gunnar, a couple of years ago, was describing a figure he wanted. I forget who it was, but he described it as, "You know, Mom, it's R2D2, with authentic battle damage!" That was quite a mouthful for a little guy and it's become kind of a family joke.

So... with Tate in the hospital, I encouraged Wyatt and Gunnar to draw him some pictures to brighten up his room and encourage him. Wyatt drew a very realistic-looking Lego guy, pleading with Tate to get better and come home so they could resume their Lego games. Gunnar, all on his own, came up with this. (Well, okay, the drawing was all his own, but I'm sure he had help with the spelling.)

I hope you can see it if you click on it. It's "Tate, with authentic battle damage"!

Gunnar was a little unclear about exactly where the scars were and how many there are, but you get the idea. And I absolutely love that he drew Tate's hearing aid, as well.


leah said...

I love that picture- that's one to save for the memory books. Even if he had help with the spelling, the word "authentic" is a pretty big word for such a little guy. WOW!

Rachael Starke said...


I'm behind on my blog reading, but quickly caught up when I got your email and read about your, or rather, Tate's drama. What a week! So thankful he's better, and that picture is just pure gold. Praying everyone else stays healthy...