Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is a sight for sore eyes... Tate, at HOME. He's still tired and tender, but recovering well. He's eating a little more each day. We all keep looking at him and smiling and saying, "It's SO good to have you HOME!"

Gunnar asked, "Mom, do you think he gets tired of us saying that?"


And here's some of his "booty".

Wyatt was a bit jealous. Especially when I said that Tate was released from chore duties until further notice. He said, "Well, I think I need to get my appendix out!"

No, really Wyatt, it's not worth it.


leah said...

Oh, my dear Wyatt- be careful what you wish for!

Glad to see that Tate is home and finishing his recovery. No more hospitals for a long time, and that's an order! :-P

Anonymous said...

So glad he's home! So thankful!

Ann said...

I'm so glad to see he's home!!!! YAY!!!!!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

With Disneyland coming up... everyone needs to be healthy!

Save the adventures for the Pirates of the Caribbean!


Choate Family said...

I only have one boy, but he's had plenty of "authentic battle damage", too! So thankful your troop is all together again.

Cutzi said...

Hey Julie - wanted to pass along some more lego love (as if you need any more around your house)

Deborah said...

Whew, there is never a dull moment is there? I'm so glad Tate is home again and on the mend!


Rabbit said...

Haven't visited in a while and so I'm just now catching up on the happenings with Tate. Praising God for his recovery and praying His hands will continue to speed Tate back to wellness!

Tina Marie said...

Poor Wyatt! If he only knew how not fun getting an appendix out was!