Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Looking through some photos with me, Gunnar remembered the day we went to Seattle for my uncle's wedding reception and spent some time at the Locks.   The boys were on their best behavior, and all decked out in nice shirts and even ties.  I reminded him of how handsome they all looked.

Mom, (eyes roll,) no boy in his right mind likes to be dressed up.  Especially in a tie.


Yesterday, driving to a friend's house, the boys were planning the teams, weapons, strategy, etc. for a big battle they wanted to have.  Knowing that one of the boys who would be there doesn't always handle this well I tried to encourage them to think of some other options.  You know, ride your scooters in the cul-de-sac or something.  I got three blank stares. And then,

Mom, you just don't think like a boy.

For which we can all give thanks.


The dB family said...

Boys really do think differently than girls don't they. I often get a frustrated sigh from Bub. I know it means, "you just don't get it, Mom." I have to admit, I don't :o).

Looking forward to spending some time catching up!


leah said...

Gunnar is a treasure! I love his sayings.

Boys definitely have their own thought processes. Not to mention their amazingly high energy levels! I hope the "battles" went well, lol!

tammy said...

LOL! I love it! I can't imagine a housefull of boys, although I think I can honestly say I'd rather have that instead of a housefull of girls! : )

Whenever we had someplace nice to go, Ryan would always say to me, "Please don't make me wear a handsome shirt mom!"