Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everything Went Blurry

The first time I took Tate to the ER on Monday, I thought they'd check him out and send us back home.  That was before the second episode at the ER.  And they still sent us home.

So when he collapsed the third time and I knew we were headed right back in to the hospital, I kind of packed in a hurry.  Oh my, it was more than a hurry.  I managed to grab the toothbrushes, Kerry's cel phone, and four pairs of clean underwear.  (Priorities.)  But a camera wasn't at the top of the agenda. 

Fortunately, as I was lamenting the lack - during the EEG - Tate's nurse came in with a digital camera and snapped these.  Before the test was done he was back with 8x10's!  (What a champ!)  So these are the only pics of this hospital stay.

If you've seen Tate in person, you can tell that he doesn't look his usual, exuberant self.

Tate did not like it when the guy giving him the EEG drew all over his head with a blue grease pencil.  I think it was pulling on his hair.  But he did oblige by going to sleep for the first part of the test - which is what they were hoping for, and cooperating with instructions for the second part.

Oh that kid is a trooper.

At the moment, his appetite is returning along with his sense of humor and the twinkle in his eye.

Getting back to normal.



Felicity said...

Oh my, things must have been scary!! I'm really glad for you and Tate (and the whole family!) that he's feeling much better. I hope it'll all go fine from here on.
This is really wierd, but almost the exact same thing happened to a little kid at church on Good Friday during the service - and the overall result was that he made have had a virus! And he's ok now too!

God is good!

Ruby said...

This is the first I have read of the dramas. So sorry to hear of it all but glad that Tate looks so great after all that happening.
Lord willing, he will fully recover and no repeat performances.
One of mine had febrile (? spelling)convulsions...caused by high temps...and that was very scary I remember.

The dB family said...

I was checking my blog and saw yours come up in my reader. What a scare, Julie! I am thankful to read that Tate is feeling better. (I hope you are too :o)). I will keep him (and you and your family) in my prayers though. Three months with no trampoline? That's going to be tough!

Blessings and hugs!!


Tina Marie said...

I don't know how I missed the last couple of posts! So glad his smile is returning!

Ann said...

Oh, how terrifying! So thankful he is on the mend! Praying for all of you as you recover!

The Squirrel said...

Oh, scary! Glad to hear that Tate's doing better. Hope that there's no recurrence, and that the simple explaination is the right one.

Will be praying.


Abi's Blog said...

So very thankful Tate is okay! Blessings,Ava

leah said...

Seeing kids in the hospital breaks my heart- but happily he was able to receive great care! That was nice of the nurse to take a picture for you.

I pray those "spells" don't come back. What a frightening experience for everyone involved!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from our house to yours - we are continuing to pray for all of you as you plod along. So happy that Tate is doing well and things are under control. Glad they kept him and checked things out. So thankful that our Heavenly Father is watching over all of us, and He knows when we need HIS special touch. I had a touch of something Monday and Tuesday but am doing better today. lv u all, PB&j