Sunday, April 11, 2010


After a busy day, Saturday, that started with the end of an overnight at Aunty Tami's for the boys, and included three soccer games at a very cold and very windy field, a birthday party, playing with friends, visiting our friends' church for their baptism, and dinner out after said baptism, we were done in.  It was all good, but it was... a LOT.

I collapsed into bed with Gunnar snuggled up beside me and we both sighed with relief and goodness.

Gunnar - This just is so comfortable.

Me - Home is the best place on earth.

Gunnar - Except for heaven.

Me - I did say on earth.  My favorite place on earth.

Gunnar - And Gramma and Grampa's.  You always feel right at Gramma and Grampa's.

Me - Yep.

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Ruby said...

That;s one sweet secure young man!
Hope you have a great week, Julie. I liked the cool tree shape post, too!