Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Adventure with Tate...

... but this is not the adventure I was looking for.

No...   we've been at the hospital since Monday, when Tate had episodes.  Fainting, that looked a lot like seizures.  (Rigid body, vomiting, unresponsive.)  Not fun.  Especially the part about going to the ER after the first one,  having the second one there in front of the triage nurse, and getting sent home after five hours, and then having a third one that took us right back to the ER.  And getting a second IV placed.  And then lingering in the ER until 2:15am, when they finally got a room for us.  Because after nearly nine hours (minus driving home, Tate collapsing, and us driving right back) the ER very nearly had another patient.  Me.

Finally getting up to the Peds unit and the friendly and familiar (from Tate's previous stay) nurses was a huge relief.  Probably more so for me, as I could finally lie down.

Since Monday, Tate has had two IV's, two blood draws, two (or three?) lie-down-sit-up-stand-up blood pressure tests, two EKGs, an EEG (great picture forthcoming...), a CAT scan, and an MRI.  And if I there is part of the medical alphabet I somehow missed, chalk it up to lack of sleep.

The good news is - it's not epilepsy.  No brain damage.

The bad news is - we probably won't ever know what really caused it.

Two possibilities...

The most likely is that he's fighting off a virus (bloodwork and a mild fever support this), became dehydrated, and - for some reason - that caused the episodes, which the neurologist called anoxic seizures (not epileptic seizures).  If I understand this right, basically his blood pressure dropped and his brain temporarily wasn't getting enough oxygen.

The less likely possibility (and the impetus for some of the tests) is the chance of there being a connection between jumping on the trampoline Monday afternoon (when Tate first noticed feeling nauseous), his hearing loss (the same nerves process hearing and balance), and the seizures.

Just so you know, there's a big difference between feeling dizzy = lightheaded and feeling dizzy = the-world-is-spinning.  The spinning feeling - which Tate doesn't report - would link it to the nerve/inner ear.

If it ever happens again (and I hope and pray not!) we're to watch his eyes for twitching.

And in the meantime, no exercise (no soccer!) for a week, and no trampoline for THREE MONTHS.  Just in case.  And to protect him if it should happen again.

Thanks to all you friends for your prayers and to Mel-beth, and Gramma and Grampa for covering the other boys.

It's good to be home.


Cutzi said...

Oh my dear. I am so, so sorry to hear all of this. Poor Tate! Poor you! Scary. We will definitely be praying - and I'm glad to hear, even if it's after the fact, that you're home safe and sound.

leah said...

My goodness! I understand the feeling about "strange" neurological symptoms- we had staring spells for 2 months that look exactly like absence seizures... except they weren't, and now they've disappeared.

I hope you get to the bottom of what happened, and/or that the fainting spells/anoxic seizures stay away for good!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I was thinking of the two of you... Cutzi, having recently been here, and Leah with the staring spells.

I'm hoping this was a singular episode for Tate.

Q said...

Praying your adventures for the season are OVER!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm praying for Tate! I've actually heard of similar experiences when people with hearing difficulties also end up with particular types of viruses. It's all "inner ear"/balance related. Praying for mom too! I know that must have been scary! HUGS!

Reddington Times said...

I have a condition that runs in our family called Long QT Syndrome. We almost lost my 10 year old son last October because of it, he passed out at school and they first thought it was a seizure. I would highly encourage you to ask about it. If they are not looking for it, it could be missed. They can tell by just his EKG. Anyway the only symptoms are passing out and death, so please have them rule this out. Do a search to learn more. I am praying for all of you. I hope all is well. Reading your post was surreal for me.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my, that does sound dramatic!

We're having a follow up with the doctor on Tuesday discuss the situation. Thanks for your concern.

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

I have been away for a bit and have missed all the action...I'm so sorry!!! Glad he's getting back to normal...and yes, he's looking very well!