Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soggy, Soggy, Soggy

I put some spring colors up on the blog because I decided
I was going to believe spring is finally here...
and then the weather turns around and bites me.
Yep.  Snow in the hills.

But it's Soccer Saturday, so I should expect that, yah?

Wyatt started off with a double-header, and had to be at the field at 8am.  Fun times. 
And let me tell you what it was like:  rainy, windy, and 42F.  That's about 5C, for some of you.
But it's just downright cold for all of us.

The first game looked a lot like this.

And by the end of their games they looked a lot like this.

Wet and muddy, from head to toe.

While we like to think of soccer as a family activity,
picnic at the field, cheer your brothers on...
not so much today.
Today was a divide and conquer day.

I took Wyatt to his games, and Kerry took Tate and Gunnar to their back-to-back games.
Which is great, because by the time all my soggy little men are back home,
I can have this ready.


Felicity said...

You are so brave! And that pizza looks great!!!

leah said...

Pizza sounds like a great idea after a cold, soggy, soccer day!

Spring will come. Someday! I can't wait until the sun is actually warm, lol!

Anonymous said...

Pizza looks great, I think I may have that for dinner. I don't feel like cooking after our beautiful day. I am sorry you are soggy but today is a gorgeous 55 (warm) and sunshiny!
I didn't realize you were in Washington. We were stationed in Spokane a few years ago! We loved it!

Ann said...

Oh, that is an amazingly good looking pizza. If that is homemade, you must share the recipe! Pretty please!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Ann,

I confess.

That pizza picture is from an AD! I swung by Papa Murphy's (you-bake-it) because they were having a sale - any pizza, any size, ten bucks. Got two of the biggest, and we got two meals out of it!

Organizing Mommy said...

What a good mommy you are!! Darling.

The dB family said...

I don't envy your soccer weather. We start in a couple of weeks, so hopefully things will be a little drier and warmer. Only 8C here today. Brrrr! I sure hope things warm and dry up for you.

Pizza would be an awesome warmer upper! (Isn't my grasp of grammar astounding)? You an awesome mom!!