Friday, April 2, 2010

Hey, a girl can dream...

The boys are at my folks' for a PTO day.  Yay, Grampa and Gramma!

Snuggling this morning, Gunnar sleepily asked, "What day is it, Mom?"

"It's Friday - PTO Day."

His eyes flew open with a big smile, and he said, "Gramma and Grampa are the best Gramma and Grampa in the whole world!"


And I'm at home, with my list... that I will never, never, never get to to the bottom of.

Sometimes I wish I could turn my whole house upside down and shake it. Gently.  Leaving everything nicely arranged on the lawn.  Then I could clean the house, top to bottom, (I think a high-pressure air hose would come in handy, yah?), and only put back inside what I really intend to be there.

And then the garage...

Well, we won't speak of the garage.

Despite the fresh snow in the hills, it is spring, and I'm taking the flannels off the boys' beds and remaking them.  And my own.  And you know what?  If I could have one luxury in life it would be this:

My bed, freshly made each day, with crisp, line-dried sheets.



Tara said...

Came by here from your comment at 6 yr med. I also have three boys...and a pink caboose! I like your writing and have bookmarked your blog! :)

Ruby said...

Fresh sheets every day are one of my day dreams, too!!!
I like the shaking the house out idea. My mind boggles since my place is very....cluttered. Sometimes I think the clean, spartan look would be much simpler but I just am a cosy, eclectic person! Just wish I had a little creativity to pulll it together. Oh well, we all have our dreams.
Enjoy your day!

The dB family said...

I like your dream. I could happily dream it too! Hope you had a productive, yet enjoyable PTO day.


Organizing Mommy said...

Ugh. You need a pill. No one should be that clean. A little dust and grime is what good times are made of. Now I see why you have three boys.