Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple Woman #12

FOR TODAY March 30, 2009

Outside My Window... darkness, clouds and rain. At least it’s not snowing, (though it tried on Saturday.)

I am thinking... about the stack of bills beside my desk, and wondering if I can keep the checkbook in the black for one more month. Also, that "Simple Woman" really needs a new logo. The Victorian looking one has never really worked for me, and the comment of one reader who looked at it and saw "AMPLE Woman" really clinched it.

I am thankful for... this house – our home. In our first house, and in this one - before the remodel - every time it rained we had a well-founded worry about leaks and water damage. Now I can lay in my bed and enjoy the sound of dripping rain, confident that the water will stay out and (since we’re not doing spring soccer) that I will stay in :0)

From the learning rooms... quietness, for the moment. If they’re not asleep they soon will be. We’re reading about Spain and Portugal and the colonization of the New World. The conquistadors came to find gold and treasure, and to spread Catholicism, and ended the civilizations of the Incas and Aztecs. But it’s hard to feel very sorry about the demise of an empire known for cutting the beating hearts out of its human sacrifices.

From the kitchen... home-made pizza for dinner. Don’t be impressed. Really.

I am wearing... jeans, wool socks, black shirt, fuzzy purple sweater. *sigh* You know, I'm not against make-up and jewelry, but when I get up and get dressed in the morning, and I look at myself in the mirror, I come to the conclusion that I don't think it would help.

I am creating... Still wondering what to do with some rather unique fabric my neighbor gave me. I have someone in mind to use it for, but want to think of something a bit more clever than another quilt of squares! But not too clever for a novice like me.

I am going... to bed. Soon. I have a headache and and a back ache... girl woes, but that’s all I’m saying. (I do have the occasional male reader.)

I am reading... a biography of Martin Luther, with the boys. Getting a jump start on next week, when we’ll cover the Reformation. In one week. Yeah. Wish me luck.

I am hoping... I am praying for more work for Kerry. Soon would be good.

I am hearing... wind and rain. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Around the house... Dust bunnies. Dust elephants. And I’m having company tomorrow night. Well, my mama always told me to light some candles, turn the lights down, and enjoy yourself. Then clean after your company leaves so you can enjoy the clean house. Amen.

One of my favorite things... comics written by little boys who are just beginning to understand humor and develop their own. I’ll have to scan Tate’s interpretation of the “Civil” war. Oh so very proper.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Book club is meeting here tomorrow. (Dust bunnies beware.) Having dinner with friends on Thursday, and Kerry and the boys are going out to a father/son thing on Friday night (hallelujah!) They’re going to hear a man who was a fighter pilot in WWII, and was in POW camps and – I think – Buchenwald. I’d love to meet him too, but I’ll have to suffer through a quiet, peaceful evening at home alone.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is the special fabric. I'm assuming my neighbor cut the fabric before she washed it, so you're looking at an almost-eight inch square. The hula girls are about four inches tall, so I don't want to cut the pieces too small. I probably need to use them as big blocks and make some kind of interesting accent blocks to go alongside. Ideas?


Deborah said...

Oooh, I love that fabric! It's even cooler than my tropical hippo fabric! You could make a beach bag :0).

If it's any consolation. For the what I am wearing, mine would be the same every Monday. Black fleece pants, longsleeve black shirt, black socks and slippers. The only variety would be the red fleece zip hoodie, or the black sweater, or the grey sweater. Warmth is my only goal!!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

Tropical hippo fabric? I'd love to see that! I was stirring some ideas for a quilt, but a bag is a great idea!

My ideas were floating around blocks with Hawaiian elements (flowers, food, baskets, your dancers, etc) with perhaps an outer boarder that might suggest green banana leaves. [Maybe leaf patterns/colors between blocks, too, if they need 'frames'] I guess it depends on just how much of the special fabric you have to play with.

Side note: I love your 'Simple Woman' posts. It's a great idea to help slow things down and recognize a moment during the day.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I picked up a bit of pink fabric today, to go with the pink flowers. In all of my stash I had NO pink... tells you something about me! So, now have a bit of bright pink, with little random pinkish red dots.

I love the idea of some leafy fabric to accent.

I have 10 blocks that are almost 8" squares, and two more that are smaller. If I cut them down to 6 1/2" squares I'll have 12.

I found one fat quarter of a shocking orange that looked a bit like lava... but I think it's too much. I might put an orange backing on it, though.

Still thinking...

And it's on the backburner until I get the bills paid and the checkbook balanced, so - realistically - until the weekend, at least.

Mrs. Squirrel said...

Sounds like you have a fair amount to play with. I look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with... and of course the final product!

[I understand that 'work first' position. I need to motivate myself to get some knitting done.]