Monday, March 9, 2009

Simple Woman #9

FOR TODAY March 9, 2009

Outside My Window... Again with the snow.

I am thinking... about how to rearrange the rest of the day (week?) since it’s almost lunch time and we haven’t begun school yet… thanks to the combination of weather, an 8AM orthodontist appointment and stops at three grocery stores on the way home. That’s just scary – I sound like my grandmother! And that’s not my normal “M.O.” I’d usually rather just shop one place, but as they were all directly on our route home, it made sense.

I am thankful for... my husband, who drove us around this morning.

I admit, I’m a total weenie about driving in the snow. It’s usually wet and slick, where we live, and there are accidents galore. What really cracks me up is the high percentage of people who live here and have this attitude: “Well, yeah, I know how to handle my vehicle in the snow, it’s all the other wackos out there that cause problems.”

Hello, your huge SUV may have four-wheel drive, but that doesn’t mean you have a clue. And your 4WD won’t help you stop.

But I’m ranting… so let me just go on record saying that I know I’m not a good snow driver, and it makes me nervous, and going to town means going down a 300+ foot hill with a pretty steep grade. Go ahead. Laugh. Call me a weenie. Kerry drove us in the 4Runner and we were still sliding around.

From the learning rooms... all the day’s work awaiting us…

From the kitchen... blissfully re-stocked cupboards, which were quite bare yesterday.

I am wearing... jeans, winter socks, white shirt and blue sweater. (See, I’m “dressed up” because I was out in public!)

I am creating... starting another quilt with scraps from the ‘vintage’ one I made a few weeks ago.

I am going... nowhere else today!

I am reading... Uppity Women of Medieval Times.

I am hoping... the snow either piles up or goes away.

I am hearing... quiet. I think the boys are reading. Maybe.

Around the house... boys reading, or maybe writing. They want to create a blog (!) to chronicle the events of their back-yard civilization, “Dino-opolis.” The dining room is overflowing with all the leaves in the table, a folding table, and chairs gathered from around the house. We had a fun family with five boys over for lunch yesterday. Didn’t know them too well and was pleasantly surprised that they stayed all afternoon and evening. And my boys are already asking when we can get those boys over again. :0)

One of my favorite things... snowy days, candles, and hot chocolate.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: busy day tomorrow – meeting with the itinerant D/HoH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) teacher who works with Tate and has been out for several weeks on medical leave, then zipping Wyatt to piano practice, and then swapping him for Tate and heading up to the university to get a current audiogram.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is an oldie. Probably May or maybe June of 1999. Wyatt was about to turn three, and Tate would’ve been just 6 or 7 months.

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Denise Portis said...

Great post! Am jealous of your snow!

Oh dear, I forgot this was suppose to be done today. I wonder if I can still do it on Tuesday. Oh well, will wait for next Monday. I need to put a reminder on my Google calendar to help me remember!


Julie said...


You can do it any day you want! I've often thought of switching to Friday... that might feel more reflective than Monday.

Blogging without obligation... :0)


leah said...

I love that picture- it's like my own family is now! Two little ones and a happy family.

I can't wait for snow to be gone and warm sun to reign!

Julie said...

I kind of felt bad, putting up a picture without Gunnar. But... I've posted quite a few pics of just him :0)