Friday, March 20, 2009

Six happinesses

I never said my family is normal. And sometimes that's a good thing... The boys and I had a movie night, tonight, and this is what they picked :0)

Based on a book by Alan Burgess, the movie shows the life of Gladys Aylward - a British maid who became a missionary to China in the 1930's. Among other things, she ran an inn for mule trains, became a "foot inspector" (to stop foot-binding), taught reading and writing, worked with lepers, and spoke many dialects of Chinese. She is remembered most for her work with orphans. When Japan invaded China, she led 100 children to safety over rugged mountains.

Yes, I know the movie has many inaccuracies. We read her biography first! Still, it's fairly amazing that Hollywood would even produce a movie that presents a missionary as someone to be admired. And since it was made in 1958 it's squeaky clean. Of course, my boys groaned and covered their eyes during the eight - count 'em, eight! - kisses.

I just have to say how cool I think it is that - given a choice - this is what the boys wanted to watch.


Deborah said...

Did you rent it from the video store or the library. Living in the boondocks, I'm sure our videostores won't be carrying it, but I'm going to check our library. We just finished reading her biography not that long ago. I think the kids would love it -- even with all eight kisses ;0)!

Julie said...

We actually own it... on VHS, no less!

I remember hearing the story of Gladys Aylward when I was quite young, in a summer "DVBS"... you know, "Daily Vacation Bible School".

Later, my book club read her biography and I decided to buy the video. We watched it at book club! And now my family enjoys it.

Of course, a lot is missing in the movie. Some things they obviously had to leave out for the sake of making it watch-able - though it's still almost three hours long! But they changed other details. If you've read her bio, you'll catch it.

There are several war scenes. Nothing graphically gruesome, but it's obvious that people are dying. My little tenderhearted Gunnar hides his eyes when the town is bombed.

Still, well worth watching. Hope you find it. And if you don't, email me, and I'll send it to you to borrow!

leah said...

I need to check that one out! I'd love it, and I bet my mom would, too. We're suckers for older movies!