Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a deal

I think I mentioned that we've been pinching our pennies lately. A couple weeks ago I loaded up the boys to take them to my parents' for a PTO day and came home to an empty house. Kerry had left me a note... "Gone skiing!" Before I got my hackles up, I read the rest of the note.

His "cousin-in-law" (his cousin's husband) had called from a local ski area and said, "You've GOTTA GET UP HERE!" and offered to pay for Kerry to ski for the afternoon.

But I'm not bitter ;-)


Deborah said...

Ooooh! That would be fun!!

leah said...

I am TOTALLY jealous. ROFL. Gorgeous ski area. I miss real mountains!

Julie said...

Yeah... I'm not bitter, but a wee bit jealous!

I worked at that ski area for two years, and skied my little heart out.