Sunday, September 14, 2008


Since starting the blog I’ve been happily surprised to meet several other Deaf/Hoh moms, and moms of Deaf/HoH kids. Yah!

I read all kinds of things that are news to me (you women are so smart), and sometimes what I read reminds me of something I think I ought to write down.

So, here’s one little life-simplifying tip:


Yes, an actual notebook that holds paper. A three-ring binder. You can dress it up if you like :0) Put some blank paper (for taking notes) and dividers into it, and take it to every appointment. With your questions written down :0)

Get your own copies of every test done on your kiddo,
the actual test results as well as the interpretation,
every set of ‘appointment notes’ they write,
and the advice and suggestions you get from the specialists. 

I ask for them right then and there, and I also ask to have them mailed to me, because they usually dictate or write up their notes later in more detail. Each office will usually have on file where they are supposed to send copies of everything (your pediatrician, family doctor, school, whatever) – put yourself first on that list!

My “Tate-file” has turned into TWO notebooks. The first has sections for the different offices/hospitals we interact with regularly – Children’s Hospital, a local ENT, and the local university (where we get his routine audiograms done). I also have a “Resources” section in that notebook, and HA info/documentation (warranty, model #s, etc.) On the divider pages I have taped business cards and contact info for the doctors and audios.

I used to have a “School” section, but that has become the second notebook. Those IEP’s are huge! And I don’t need to bring them to every visit :0)

This has saved huge amounts of time and hassle. If I’m meeting with the ENT at Children’s and she wants to know how his last Audiogram went at the university (and she hasn’t received it yet…) I can whip out my notebook, make a photocopy, and we don’t have to try to get anyone on the phone and wait for a fax to be sent.


All right, all you smarty pants. You are probably already doing this (!) but maybe it will help someone :0)


MB said...

Yes, we have been at it 20 months and already have filled two 3" 3-ring binders. Now I just have a box I throw everything in for the day when I finally have the time and energy to start notebook number 3.

Even if your notebooks are just fake I find it properly intimidates the therapists who work with you. ;)

Julie said...


I love it! You are so right - just looking prepared puts you on a better footing :0)


leahlefler said...

The best thing I ever purchased was a three ring binder! I do need to put myself on the list to get Nolan's reports, though- I still don't have his CT scan and MRI reports! His ENT loves the fact that I always have the latest audiogram on me (she never seems to get them)!

Julie said...


I'm in awe of you ;) You always seem so on top of things!

Funny story about having your own copies...

The one time I DIDN'T take my notebook, I was taking Tate up to the uni to have his hearing re-tested. The most recent testing had also been there, so I left the notebook at home.

I had also been consulting with an education specialist at the uni, who had his file in her locked office... and she was gone to CHINA, picking up her new daughter!

They finally found the right secretary/admin person with a key :0)


Ambulance Mommy said...

I have this yellow legal pad that comes with me everywhere, but someone who shall remain nameless turned into his personal coloring book when our speech therapist was about 20 minutes late the other day....

I think its time for a binder he can't get to as easily, and some extra paper and crayons in the diaper bag :)

tammy said...

I have the three ring binder and the calendar and the notebook, yet there's still paper everywhere! Now I just need to find the time to put it all together into ONE three ring binder with dividers! Can we just have one more hour in each day?!? : )