Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yes, that's how I feel, SOGGY. What with all the rain we had in August I was hoping for crisp clear fall days.

Not so much. What we have is 54F and rain, rain, and more rain.

I am VERY proud of the grasshoppers...

We had FOUR soccer games today, from 9:15 to 3:30, and I have three very soggy boys. No, there are no pictures, because the folding chair, water-bottles, snacks, rain-coats, car-keys and umbrella were all I could manage!

Wyatt's team played the #1 team in their league (I think they are ranked 5th) and tied. More importantly, they played really WELL. Of course, the skill level has gotten pretty high at this age, but it's a new deal this year with three teams coming together to form this team, so the boys are really re-learning some of the teamwork :0)

Gunnar's team, still the little guys, played four 15 minute games. Of course, we don't officially keep score, but... they might have tied one, and I'm pretty sure they won 3. Gunnar has made a LOT of progress since last year - he actually goes after the ball! Woo-hoo! He still likes to play defense, but he played forward some too.

Tate's team had two games today, and what a day for it. UGH! I was surprised that with a double-header they were scheduled to play two of the stronger teams in the league. They tied the first and lost the second, 3-4, but truly outplayed the other team, who got a couple of lucky goals. Again, winning isn't what it's all about... it's good to see the team 'gelling' (sp?!) Tate played almost the entire two hours in pouring rain and never complained once.

Oh my goodness it is good to be back to my warm, dry house, and warm, dry clothes, and a delicious smell in the air. Can I just say that I love my crockpot?!

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Deborah said...

I am lovin' your blog! Your photos are gorgeous, fictionary is hilarious, your boys sound like a lot of fun, and wow can I identify with the rain, and I don't even live in the west! We have had record rainfalls this year too.

Hope your Sunday has been drier and warmer!