Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. Clean times 3

I’ve been thinking (for quite a long time) that I really should make the boys do more around the house. In fact, Kerry announced this to the boys recently, which prompted the creation of a large chart on the D.E. board which showed the Boy Happiness Quotient plummeting, while the chore line crept up. (They were lobbying for a later bedtime AND more “screen time”. Nice try.)

They’re certainly not asking for more chores. And – being males – they don’t generally notice things that need done and just DO them. (Well, Tate is an exception to that :0) ) But they are, generally willing to do things.

The boys make their beds, pick up their toys, deposit dirty laundry in the hamper, load and unload the dishwasher, sweep, vacuum, empty garbages and recycling, and do lots of jobs in the yard, so it’s not as if they are couch potatoes. But it was time to take it up a notch.

They are now official Bathroom Cleaners! (We are SO proud!) Actually, I’m kind of proud of me, too, because this has been one job it’s usually easier to just do myself and have it done RIGHT. But…

Let’s face it, with four bathrooms in the house, I get tired of cleaning them. And as the only one in the house who sits to pee, I’m not the one who is responsible for that disgusting aroma, so it was time for action.

For now, we have divided the responsibilities like this:
Gunnar (7) – empties the garbage, takes dirty towels to the hamper, and checks the TP supply
Tate (9) – moves items off the counter, cleans sinks and counters, and replaces items
Wyatt (12) – cleans the outside of the toilet and wipes the floor immediately around it
Mom – cleans the inside of the toilet (bowl) and does the showers, as necessary

There! Is that more information than you ever wanted about us?!

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