Friday, September 12, 2008

On the dry side

Well, we had quite a few cool rainy days this summer. So I decided we would go ahead and 'bank' some school days, and then take a week off later.

We did.

We spent the last week here.


It was GREAT!

Kerry will have to get the pics downloaded. The boys are brown like little nuts from swimming and running around all day in the sun :0)

We went from a wet coastal climate to a very arid climate. From mountains to 'scablands'. We saw hundreds, maybe thousands, of acres of orchards (mostly apples). We crossed a major mountain range - twice. We swam in the river - very important to our state for irrigation, power production, and recreation. We saw several dams, and toured one. The boys especially loved the fish ladder. We decided not to set up "tent-zilla" and slept right out under the stars. We found the Big Dipper, the North Star (Polaris), Cassiopeia (Wyatt's favorite, because it makes a "W"!), and watched satellites, shooting stars, the space station, and even the Northern Lights! We played "Go Fish", "Mexican Train", and alphabet games. We caught caterpillars, grasshoppers, and little tiny fish. We made S'Mores every single night! We met lots of different people, visited friends that live near the park, and really enjoyed camping with our homeschooling friends for the first three days.

So, NO, if you're asking, we didn't do ANY homeschooling, (*wink*), we were just having fun all week long!

Here's the campsite as we began to unpack...


Stretch Mark Mama said...

We try to do school 'year round' here in rainy OR. But by the time sunny summer came around (July?), we couldn't help but get outside. I think we might actually take next summer off (except for reading) -- meaning the months of July, August, and Sept. Lovely months in the Pacific Northwest!

Julie said...

I think this September week of camping may need to become a tradition :0)

It was fun for its own sake, but doubly fun to be playing and swimming when so many of our friends were in school... bwuaah-haa-haaaaa!

Civilla said...

ertailGlad you had fun! We have had a busy summer: Long Island in May, Little Rock in July, and here and there home in South Dakota. Sons are in college this fall. Semi-empty nest. Sob...

leahlefler said...

I'm envious of the gorgeous weather and camping! We still haven't tried camping with our boys, but we really should soon. I know they'd both love it, and we have some gorgeous areas around us. We just need to do it before the snow starts flying!!

Julie said...

Fall is a great time for camping! Well, I guess it's still summer, actually.

The campgrounds are practically empty, the weather is still nice, often the nights are cool enough to kill off the bugs (!), and it gets dark earlier... which (to my boys) means more "campfire time" (and I can get them to bed a bit earlier!)