Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday School Kids #2

Why can we trust God?

Because … and the wred says so when we are sad god makes us (happy face)
Because… the Bible says so!!
Because… He made the erth and he is pawrfl and made animls
Because… He’s all powerful, He’s real
Because… we know that Jeasase died for us!?
Because… helps us with are problems
Because… He made us!
Because… we know that he is always right.


leahlefler said...

Gotta love those kids! Our Sunday School class (the pre-K kids) consists of four boys. We are in the Old Testament right now and did Noah's Ark. Let's just say it didn't end well... lots of little ones running around and growling! We constantly pray for a little girl to join our class, lol!

Julie said...

Oh Leah, that's funny! That always seems to be the case with my oldest son's age group... 8 or 9 boys, and 1 or maybe 2 girls. Go figure!

We did a LOT of acting out the stories. Sometimes multiple times so everyone could have the 'role' they wanted.

I think the absolute show-stopper was when we read the story of Jesus and Lazarus. I had hidden one of my boys in the classroom bathroom, wrapped in toilet paper, ahead of time. So when we came to the part where Jesus calls him out of the tomb, my son jumped out of the bathroom!

We went through a LOT of TP that day...