Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have become a cliche...

Soccer. Mom.

And a passé cliché, at that. I mean, hockey moms are all the rage these days ;-)

But good golly miss molly, we’ve made a big leap from the lazy unstructured days of summer, right into homeschool, soccer (6-7 practices a week, and 3-4 hours of games on Saturdays), and AWANA. I realized this, as I dropped Gunnar off at Sparks, and had 15 minutes to get over and pick up Wyatt at the end of his practice, leaving about an hour to make and serve dinner (Top Ramen, anyone?) before returning for Gunnar. In my red mini-van.

Of course, Tate and Gunnar have practices at the same time, on the same evenings… at different fields. Kerry can usually help me out with this, but I got a troubling phone call from him, 15 minutes before practice, that his ever-reliable 4Runner had broken down. Badly. He had already called the mechanic, held his cel phone out the window as he tried to start the engine, and was told NOT to do THAT any more, but to call a tow truck! (Don’t you love the tech world?!)

So not only are we down to one vehicle, (which is not so bad), but the repair of the other will come at a price of about $1200.

Furthermore, Tate has been saying “Whaaat?” a lot lately. Could be just that his cold is affecting his hearing, but it’s about time to schedule another Audiogram anyway.

On top of this, I have been sick, which always makes everything look oh-so-rosy.

And as soon as I think of another reason to whine, you’ll be the first to know about it.


Brace yourselves… soccer pics, coming soon, to a blog near you.


leahlefler said...

I've heard that life gets BUSY when the kids get older and into sports or music activities! Here's to functioning vehicles and enough time to wolf down dinner!

Hope Tate's hearing test goes well- we've been ordered to have one every three months until Nolan stabilizes. I have my fingers crossed, but know that everything will be OK even if he doesn't.

Julie said...

Life DOES get busier, but I try to keep a rein on it. Two things I love about soccer are that all the games are at the same location (so game day is family day) and it's a SHORT season. Well, 8 weeks can seem long... but then it's done before the holidays roll areound :0)