Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fish Ladder

For real... not something out of Dr. Seuss :0)

Fish have to be able to get past dams to get up to their spawning grounds. Although it was not the time of year for a big 'run', there were several fish coming through the ladder while we watched.

The view from outside ---------------->

And from below...

I have to say that the last picture kind of gives me the creeps... looks like the fish is watching US!


leahlefler said...

Way cool! I never thought about fish needing to get beyond dams (hey, your home schooling vacations are educating the rest of us, too)!

Julie said...

Glad you liked it :0)

It's funny the things we take for granted. I've grown up around dams and spawning fish, but it's kind of an interesting novelty.