Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am so ready to MOVE!

Where I live, we average about 35 inches of rain a year (for comparison, nearby Seattle gets about 37.) That may not sound like much, but a ski area nearby recently set a world record for the most snowfall in one year. 1140 inches.

Yes, that’s right, 1140. Do the math, people, that is almost 100 FEET of snow. In. One. Year. Snow that conveniently melts in the warmer months of spring and summer, filling our lakes and rivers.

That is not why I am ready to move. I am used to this damp environment. I am used to the fact that there will always be more moss than grass in my lawn. I am used to huddling under an umbrella to watch my boys play soccer. I am used to precipitation, and a lot of it. And where I live, people can tell the difference between mist, “mizzle”, sprinkle, drizzle, shower, rain, rainfall, rainstorm, downpour, pouring rain, pelting rain, driving rain, cloudburst, thunderstorm, deluge, monsoon, torrent, and the ever-popular raining cats and dogs. But no, that is not why I want to move. I’m just making the point that this is a wet environment.

Yet my liberal Enviro-Nazi neighbor took it upon herself to call the city water department and COMPLAIN ABOUT US yesterday because in watering our bushes (it’s actually been dry here for a few weeks, which is typical at this time of year) we allowed some water to run out into the street.

Oh the horror!

All five of us were at home. We noticed the water running into the street and turned it off. But still, about an hour later, we got a visit from an embarrassed and apologetic city employee.

Was there a problem? No.
Could he see a problem? No.
Was there any visible water? No.
Is there a water shortage we’re not aware of? No.
Has it suddenly become illegal to water our lawn or plants? No.

He left.

If I had gathered my wits more quickly, I would’ve invited him inside and asked him to get his supervisor on the phone. (Ah, sadly, I think of this stuff too late!)

I would like the supervisor to think this through. They are encouraging wackos, like my neighbor, to act like Nazi informers. And what a waste of the taxpayer’s (MY) money… sending a city employee to my house to tell me to turn off a hose, that is already off?!?

Would it have killed the Environmental Wacko across the street to walk over here, knock on my door, and ask me to turn off the water? No.

Have I ever been unfriendly to her? (Okay, I just called her an Environmental Wacko… but besides that…) No.

Do I act or appear threatening? Again, no.


That’s just how Liberals are.


leahlefler said...

I have the perfect solution to your problem- line your sidewalk with sponges! There- no water running into the street!

Some people are radical in their views, and anyone that doesn't strive for some moderation is usually going to be a tad, well, NUTS!

And everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. 1Corinthians 9:25

Julie said...

Yea, Leah,

Good reminder,


Civilla said...


Julie said...

It's the childishness that really astounds me. I mean, if I was a really scary, rude person maybe she would be afraid to approach me. But I'm really not that intimidating!

She did the same thing a couple weeks ago with some other neighbors who had a yard project underway - and they were well within the codes. She walked by their house on the opposite side of the street and didn't even speak to them!

I realize that most non-Christians aren't familiar with the Biblical pattern in Matt 18 (go to the brother that offends you, yourself). But you'd think that anyone who has raised children would've walked through a scenario like this before. (Nobody likes a tattle-tale... especially when they're making false accusations.)


Traci said...

Oh, I know a great house for sale if you want to move. ;->