Saturday, July 23, 2011

In Which I Have A Short Attention Span

I could call this another Brain Dump, but I'm not sure I can spare two in one week.  I might run dry.  Here's an update, anyway ;D

1.  I'm flogging away at the Organize The Books project and making headway.  I made a small start about a week ago, got overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of books, and almost quit.  But Dan, if you're reading, I'm dangling your new book like a carrot at the end of a stick, as my reward for finishing the job.

Which won't be tonight.  I'm so close, but the boys are in the family room (aka library) watching some testosterone-laden he-man movie, and I don't want to be milling in and out. 

Also, my back is KILLING ME.  Moving 1500 books is a lot of work, y'know?  We also moved two of the book shelves today.  Okay, one of them we only moved about two inches (it was too close to a wall and the lower cabinet door wouldn't open properly... great planning when we put it there, yah?) but I still had to take all the books off and put them back.  And yes, I would like some cheese with that whine.

I'll show you pics later - soon! - when it's done.  For now, I can tell you that the system relies heavily on categories, colored tape, and Sharpies.  I have this thing about Sharpies.  Love those pens. 

Moving on...

2.  I just discovered robins building a new nest right outside my office window.  Did you know that (around here, anyway) robins can have three broods each summer?  And they will usually build a new nest each time?  Anyway.  And can you guess how I noticed the nest?  It's right above the hood of the van.  Gee, thanks.

3.  In better news, my dad came by this morning with a logger friend and they have assured me that they can remove an enormous fir tree from my front yard for a FRACTION of the cost of those professional tree service guys.  Their plan involves a Really Large Chainsaw, a long cable, my dad's huge John Deere tractor, and a dump truck.  Oh, and temporarily removing a wire that goes from a pole into my neighbor's house.  Because they have assured me that the tree is not tall enough to hit that wire on the way down, but - y'know - just in case.  It probably won't hit it.  But it might.  I'm just sayin'.  Good thing my dad's an electrician.

And a really good thing our neighbors are so nice :D  In fact, we are distantly related, so they're not just neighbors, they're family.  I think he is some kind of shirt-tail cousin to my grandma, who used to live here.  (In case you're not from around here, "shirt tail cousin" is not an insult.  It just means that I know we're related in some convoluted way, but can't exactly work out how.)  Doesn't matter.  They are sweet.  They put up with all the craziness and loudness our kids and their friends can dish out and they still love us.  Tate takes the bunnies over for visits.  And Bea brings us treats.

4.  Tonight it was rice-krispie treats, molded on a popsicle stick, then rolled in white "chocolate" and cake sprinkles.  The boys thought they'd died and gone to heaven.  Which tells you about how often I make homemade treats.  And is also somewhat hilarious because two of my three boys think they don't like marshmallows.  That didn't stop them from gobbling them up.  And going next door to thank her.

5.  Wyatt and Tate have received their first set of uniforms for CAP.  I'll get pictures on Tuesday, when they suit up.  They are just a wee bit excited.  In fact, they have taken it upon themselves to instruct me in the special techniques of how said uniforms are to be ironed.  Which translates, in mom-speak, to, It's time for you to learn how to iron your own clothes.

6.  Kerry took Wyatt and Tate mountain biking today - up a real mountain.  Okay, around here we'd call it a hill.  But they really rode up it.  All the way.

I'm cheating.  This pic is from last year.  But this is where they went.  And yes, you have to ride up from "civilization" you can see down below.  They rock.

And can I just tell you how much more pleasant they are to be around after they've expended a few thousand calories?  They need to go up there every. single. day.

7.  So there you are.  I think there's nothing to write about, and here I am, a few hundred words later.  Ready to check my brain at the door and call it quits for the night.

Hope you all have a relaxing and encouraging Sunday :D


Doug Hibbard said...

Uniform ironing and patch sewing were my introductions to the wider world of laundry as well. It's good for them.

Next step, get them to make their beds so tight you can bounce a quarter off of the sheets. Tell them it's "preparation" for camp or something like that :)


Felicity said...

Those rice-crispie treats sound good!!
And good luck with that book project... just neatening mine was enough!!

melanie said...

Love to read your pseudo and genuine brain dumps ;-)

Soooo, my boys have built a sort of bowling alley in the basement ~ If you were here, you'd hear them with their sisters chasing wood blocks and plastic chairs while hollering and laughing at each other. I'm thinking chopping wood outside would expend those 1000 calories much faster. And earn them another trip through the shower. Does it really matter if it's Sunday afternoon??

The dB family said...

I love your brain dumps! I'm so glad you came up with the brilliant name too! We had Bub trimming the coniferous trees around our property for the past two weeks. He wasn't particularly fond of it, but he did it with little complaining.

Can't wait to see pics of the boy in their uniforms! Hope the book move goes well!


alicia hovies said...

So now you have to solve a dispute, Julie. Tom says you must have a new house,and I saw it is the same house we were in (2001?)and you added on a number of years ago.
Congrats re the upcoming wedding. The Elzea's came and visited us in Thailand (not Allyson).