Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scrambled Brain-Dump

Does anyone else get a bit scrambled when we have a holiday on Monday?  Because yesterday seemed like Monday and today feels like Tuesday, but it's Wednesday.  And we did science this morning even though it finally feels like summer.  So I'm all mixed up.  And how fitting is it that I made scrambled eggs for breakfast?!

So, things going on in our world...

1.  Wyatt and Tate are now members of the CAP - the Civil Air Patrol.  They'll feel more "official" when they get their uniforms, but they've started their Basic Training, which so far involves a lot of push-ups and saluting.  Yes, SIR!

They came home quite impressed at what they heard.  Apparently just two or three years ago the unit here was pretty rag-tag, poorly attended, and about to be shut down.  A new commander (colonel? lieutenant? something?) came in and turned everything around.  They've won awards and seem to be one of the top eight groups in the country (overall, or in what category, I don't know.)  At any rate, it's a real going unit and the boys are enjoying it :D

2.  Gramma Grasshopper has started her radiation.  Five days a week for seven weeks.  We're praying that she breezes through it with no (or minor) side effects, and that's the last she hears of cancer.

3.  My office is partially (dare I say, mostly?) tidy.  Not home free yet, but I have room to work on things.  And more mental peace.  A cluttered environment usually goes along with a cluttered mind.  I need the time and space to think ahead to Christmas :D

4.  Kerry and I were taken out to lunch yesterday at a great restaurant down by the marina.  He has some very pleasant (and grateful!) clients that we spent nearly three hours with, lunching on the patio, in the sun... the SUN I tell you!  Watching the boats and seagulls.  Soaking up the Vitamin D.  Kids playing over at the neighbors.  It was awesome.

5.  Laundry drying on the line.  Which should be a given by now.  Or weeks ago.  (Have I mentioned what a cold, wet spring we've had? ;D )  But now we have a warm, sunny, breezy day and everything is flapping happily on the line.

6.  In keeping with the summery weather, I buzzed all my boys.   Love it.  What a huge difference, especially for Kerry.  His hair is kind of tricky.  His radiation (20 years ago) left him a bit short in the back.  Where most people's hair grows down to the neckline, his stops... a bit higher.  Also, his hair is very fine, which can make it appear greasy and limp even when it's clean.  And what with age, well, let's just say his forehead has grown.  Basically, his hair only grows well around his ears/sideburns...

which is not the look we're going for.  

Now that's more like it.  I think he looks fabulous with a buzz :D

7.  Gunnar reported that the boys had let the bunnies get together for a moment this morning (ready to intervene, if necessary), but,

     He didn't do his thing, Mom.  He just sniffed her.
     As if to say, 'My work here is done.' 

And for the really big news...

 8.  My brother is ENGAGED!!! 

The shock is starting to wear off.  We really had him pegged for a confirmed bachelor.  But he's GETTING MARRIED!  So happy for him!   

Yay, Dave and Allyson!!!!!!!    :D


Ruby said...

Hi Julie!
Glad to see that you and your family are as busy and amused as ever! I hope your mum's treatment goes well.

leah said...

Oh, congratulations to your brother! I am completely scrambled after holiday weekends. We go to bed late, get off the normal schedule, and my brain is a full day behind.

That bozo punching bag pictured reminds me of the one my grandmother had. I'm not really sure why she had one, but it was always in the spare bedroom. It's one of those mysteries that I may never solve, lol!

melanie said...

awesome =) wonderful sunny lunch and an unexpected wedding... and more! Have a great rest of the (short) week!

Felicity said...

How nice to be taken out to lunch like that!!
Good news about your brother, and hope for your mother too.
My brain seems permanently scrambled - I blame the 6 pregnancies.. And I totally agree about the environment having an influence on your mind. Our home is rather a dusty one (for various reasons) and maybe that's what the problem is with my brain ;-))

I hope your good weather continues,


Choate Family said...

Love the buzz hair cut! My mom always said that men get better looking as they get older ;-)

Organizing Mommy said...

I love the scrambled egg brain dump. I should do one of those. LOL. congratulations on many levels. Not sure which is more exciting--probably your lunch out. or maybe Kerry's hair cut. or your brother's engagement.