Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, May 28, 2013

Outside my window...  rain, rain, and more rain.  No kidding.  Ooooo, and the temp is all the way up to 60F, so - you know - break out the shorts and tank tops (see my eyes rolling?)

Hearing...  mostly quiet.  Wyatt studying, Gunnar and Tate done for the day and doing... ???

Pondering...  my sister just called, coming home from California today.  We were to pick her up at the airport at the oh-so-convenient time of 6:40pm, but that is not to be.  Now it's looking more like an 11:45 arrival.  This is probably a job for Super-Kerry, the night owl.

Praying...  for Wyatt to finish his work (!), for Tate to graciously accept responsibility for a mistake he made (involving an iron, a red plastic bag, and Wyatt's former BDU pants... oops), and for Gunnar to for-the-love-of-Mike just stop talking for a few blessed minutes.

Thankful...  for our weekly Bible study - thankful for the Chapel ladies that have been meeting to study Proverbs and thankful that we're winding down for the summer, thankful that the boys are still happily reliving their Disney trip, thankful that Wyatt and Tate enjoyed several hours of volunteer community service this weekend (with the Ski-to-Sea race on the river Sunday, and the Festival of Flags, a Memorial Day observance) in spite of nearly non-stop rain, and very thankful for the last three (make that two) Lindor chocolate truffles I have hoarded since Mother's Day.

Wearing...  layers, my friends, layers.  It's cool and wet.  Gray jeans, white T, navy blue pull-over.

Going...  to regret the pizza we had for lunch.  Ugh.

Reading...  The Hobbit, aloud, with Tate and Gunnar :D

Looking forward to...  weeks with less in them?

In the kitchen...  leftovers for dinner, which is a relief.

In the learning rooms...  we "officially" have three weeks left of homeschool, counting this one.  But really, it's tapering off.  If Wyatt stays on target, he'll finish his Biology course this week.  Then he'll finish his World History the next week, and just have a bit of reading to do the final week.  Tate and Gunnar are in a similar situation.  Both have finished all their language work for the year, we are wrapping up our study of the Eastern Hemisphere (finishing the last three books simultaneously, and just a timeline left to fill in), and they are both winding up their science for the year.  They both started new math books mid-year, so we'll just come to a natural stopping place with those.  *sigh* :D

Around the house...  gracious, I'm afraid to look.  Had it all pretty tidy (while the boys were gone) and then they came home and we had the baby for five days.  She went home Wednesday, but came back Saturday and Sunday!  I had Gunnar to help with her while the older boys were flat-out busy with CAP stuff.  As mentioned, they were out in the rain for two days straight, and there is STUFF hanging on chairs to dry all over down there.  Looks like a yard sale.  *shudder*

The Mother Load...  I'm completely ignoring that today.  Oh, girls, (males, avert your eyes), you know how one or two days a month you'd really like to just curl up on the couch with a hot drink, (maybe a hot pad too,) and a good book and ignore the world?  Yah.  That would be today.  So, whatever it is, it can wait.

A favorite quote for today... 

"I don't feel very much like Pooh today," said Pooh.
"There there," said Piglet.  "I'll bring you tea and honey until you do."

One of my favorite things...  the day after you don't feel well.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  CAP in a few minutes, then - because I'm an idiot and all day long I've felt like it's Monday when clearly it's Tuesday - I get to reschedule Wyatt's orthodontist appointment and Wyatt's doctor appointment, because I totally and completely forgot we were doing that today (yes, apparently I've become one of those people.  Clearly I need a secretary.)  And then later this week I go to my last Bible study.  The last one for now, anyway.  Hoping to resume again in the fall.  The boys may or may not be in a parade this Saturday (CAP color guard is marching, with or without the squadron?)

A peek into my day...


Crystal said...

We are reading the Hibbit too! Dinner tonight was a frozen/to the oven pot pie from your awesome recipe a few months back. If you get to our neck of the woods Saturday we'll be at the parade all morning with scouts and sports team float. Maybe I'll get to see you.

melanie said...

Love the quote from Pooh & Piglet ~ and trust today is MUCH better for you!

I'm off to get a crown re-glued into my mouth :p
{while being thankful for the small town dentist who takes calls at home... and is willing to come in today when they are officially closed}

Choate Family said...

My husband is a night owl, too. Now I officially have a reason to call him "Super Aaron"!

Felicity said...

I would definitely like to spend two days a month curled up with not much else to think of... actually I'd settle for just one, as long as nobody bothers me at all. ;-)

Good to hear you're winding down your school for the year - still strange to me since it's the middle of the year here for us.

Hope you get some good sunshine soon :-D

dlefler said...

Yuck to the rain - I love the brief thunderstorms we get, but not the dreary, steady rain. I am a Southern California girl at heart and I love to see the sun!

We saw snowflakes on may 23. No joke. I pretended they were dandelion fluff.

Good luck with the end-of-year school work!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Leah, I wondered about you when I saw the news - "Three feet of snow in New York"!

Melanie - hope the crown stays put!

And you know, the rain isn't too bad as far as winding down the school year (staying focused...)