Monday, December 8, 2014

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, December 8, 2014

Outside my window...  wind blowing through the trees.  It's interesting how different it sounds now that all the leaves are off.

Hearing...  Gunnar finishing in the shower.

Pondering...  what Christmas shopping is left to do... secrets :D

Praying...  for our daily days, for Wyatt to balance work/sleep/use-of-time, for Tate to continue to do well at school, and for Gunnar and me to get through our homeschool work when there are so many distractions right now!  Like Christmas shopping this morning :D

Thankful...  we got through a busy weekend of two Messiah performances as well as Tuba Christmas, and then started getting ready for the children's Christmas program at church.  So thankful that is a VERY low key event, although with preschoolers to "wrangle", it might be a bit of a circus for me!

Wearing...  jeans, white T, blue sweater, slippers.  After a week or so of really chilly days (down in the teens) it's in the 60's today - go figure!

Going...  to work hard at science and history with Gunnar.

Looking forward to...  taking the boys to the Nutcracker this Friday!  The Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle does a very unique version - sets and costumes by Maurice Sendak (think Where the Wild Things Are) and it's lots of fun.  This is the last year they'll be doing it - at least, doing it that way - and we wanted the boys to experience it.

In the kitchen...  had the first taste of Tate's venison last night, and it was good :D  Although, it was pretty heavily seasoned for taco salad, so we'll have a truer taste-test later.

In the learning rooms...  the boys put up a Christmas tree in the school room - so cheery!  But it's a real effort right now to concentrate on school with all the Christmas thoughts swirling in my mind.

Around the house...  we got our tree up this weekend and it's a bit of a Charlie Brown tree.  I prefer to go out to the tree farm and cut our own but this year... we just had to expedite.  We're having the youth group here for a Christmas party on Wednesday and I wanted it done before then!

The Mother Load...  a little more Christmas shopping/planning (stockings???) and I haven't made a single cookie yet.  Kerry and I need to have a "calendar summit" and make sure we're tracking together for the rest of the month.  We like to have a neighborhood open-house-potluck kind of thing - better get that organized!

Noticing that...  how can my boys possibly wear shoes THAT BIG???

Something to remember for later...  Gunnar is such a chatter-box!  Mostly I enjoy it but there are moments I just look at him and say, "TOO.  MANY.  WORDS."

Something fun to share...  nope!  Can't tell my Christmas secrets :D

A favorite quote... 
  How long does a goldsmith keep gold in the fire?
Until He can see His face in it.

One of my favorite things...  Lindor milk chocolate and sea salt truffles.  *Happy sigh*

A few plans for the rest of the week... NOT going to rehearsal tonight :D  Gunnar has a violin lesson tomorrow and he babysits, so Tuesday is our (happily) disrupted day.  The youth group is coming here on Wednesday.  Friday is Nutcracker.  And Saturday is Christmas with lots of my dad's side of the family.  Big potluck.  No gifts.  Easy and fun.

A peek into my world...  

Actually, NOT my world, but I want to do this!


Joyful said...

I have always wanted to see the Nutcracker. Not something my hubby is interested in and I am not willing to pay the ticket prices in the city... :(
We are supposed to have a warm up by the end of the week! whoot whoot!!
Gunnar plays the violin!? How awesome! I love the violin. very soothing. I got to listen to squeeking horns for 2 years running. :)
Lindor chocolates! One of my favorites too.
I love that picture of the tree in the window/on the roof! Very fun!
Don't forget to share a picture when you do it! LOL!
Hope you have a good week and things begin to slow down. Have fun at your family gathering!

Nina the mom said...

All kinds of fun and excitement! I hope y'all have a blast at the Nutcracker! I went with my best friend for my 19th birthday and fell in love! On Friday my best friend is taking me to see White Christmas for my 27th birthday. (Apparently the older you get, the faster time flies!!) Since I'm a regular hermit these days, I'm beyond excited! And Sunday we're taking the minions to the Lights of Christmas! I love this time of year. :)

I want one of my minions to play the violin and one to play the cello... then they can entertain me daily with beautiful duets...or something like that. Tell me, how did you make it through the beginning years? Squeaking string instruments about makes my teeth fall out of my head!

enjoy your family & chocolate!
<3 Nina

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh gosh, Nina, Gunnar is having his THIRD lesson today, so we're still in the early stages. We kind of joke about it... Kerry's step-mom says that when he started playing baritone he sounded like a love-sick moose. We'll get through it :D I would love to play the cello!

Hope you have a great time at White Christmas :D

And Monica, hope you make it to Nutcracker someday!

melanie said...

Ha ha! I don't recall seeing that tree through the roof prank before - very fun ;-) Tho a bit of challenge with your two-story?

Christmas shopping. I am feeling behinder and behinder ~ Better be Today's Primary Mission {while there's still time for amazon to deliver again}

Sounds like you are having a great time with celebrations! Merry Christmas, all ye Grasshoppers!