Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baby Showers

Between chapel moms and a neighbor-friend, we've had a run of babies lately!
When I had some free time over Christmas vacation
I broke out the sewing machine and got busy.
I still have one I can't share yet (soon, I hope!)
but I gave this one at a shower last night, so here ya go :D

I could've called it April Showers,
but little Nate was born in March, so how about

Baby Showers?

That IS what it's called, in fact, where I spotted it on the Moda "Bake Shop" page,
by LeAnne Ballard.

Well, if you know the Pacific Northwest in the spring like I do,
you'll know why I chose this!

Of course, I changed it up a little.
I like flannel on the back of a baby quilt - so snuggly and soft :D

And I really wanted to use a piece of batik that looked kind of like it had drops of color on it already.

The water drops gave me fits.
Applique is not my strong suit!
But it sure looks interesting from the back!

And though it may look black in the photo,
the binding is a navy blue,
to hold all that blue together :D

We had a lot of fun last night,
celebrating Cheryl and adorable Nate the Great,
but I took no photos!

Take my word for it,
he's a cutie :D

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