Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's Spring Break... Sort Of

Through all the years we've been homeschooling, we pretty much track with the public school's vacation schedule... when it suits us.  Now that we're using public school again, we're kind of locked in.  Except that the community college and the tech college don't line up.

I suppose it doesn't matter.  We're not going anywhere.  But I miss having all my minions here to help me with big spring break cleaning projects!  (And yes, I'd like some cheese with that whine ;D)

Wyatt's not around to help (still house-sitting), so Tate, Gunnar and I are doing what we can.  And Tate's class (at the tech school) starts today!  Kind of excited :D  Still, they've helped:

* move furniture
* vacuum and dust (always easier when you're moving things)
* cleaned the family room
* put all the window screens back on
* re-hung the screen door
* emptied all the garbages and recycling
* cleaned up their bedroom
* cleaned three bathrooms (yippee!)
* mowed the yard

And there's probably more.  There good kids :D  And my job?  My project of the week?  Organizing MY stuff...

I have a little work to do ;D

In other news, it was Big Big Night at Civil Air Patrol yesterday.  We had a wonderful, large group of new cadets complete their basic training and be welcomed into the squadron.

Taking the cadet oath

And Tate earned a promotion to Cadet First Lieutenant - woo-hoo!

It's a tradition to let parents help put on their new insignia.  The shoulder epaulettes are a lot easier to manage than the pins!

Well done, Tate!  Sorry we caught you blinking.

And, yes.  I got my hair cut.  From this:

To what you see above.  So just humor me and say "silver and gold" instead of "going gray" :D  What I mostly say is LOW MAINTENANCE.

Now I'm off to do my tidying, because...

When you do stuff,
stuff gets done.

Yah.  I'm a deep thinker.


Choate Family said...

Way to go, Tate! (He gets more handsome every day!) I like your hair long, but I like low-maintenance even better :-)

Monica said...

I have no minions around to help me spring clean anymore either. That is why I am going by the new cleaning schedule I posted last week. I can manage it on my own. It sure makes a difference. Love your new hair cut. I am still not brave enough to let mine go gray. About every six weeks I have a skunk stripe that I have to get covered up! :)
LOL! Your quote about the house being a box is funny! When our middle daughter leaves home, I'm taking over her room for my crafts. Oh, and I am going to start crafting again! :)
Glad to hear that you are cutting grass. That must mean it is warm there. We had a freeze advisory last night. {{sigh}} can't wait to be done with that!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!