Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sew Busy...

Hi Mom!

She's been wondering why I haven't been posting.
Because... summer, I guess :D

But what a weird summer!
Unlike last year, with hot sunny days from May to September,
this summer didn't really show up until mid-July,
making me extra-thankful for that week with Gunnar in Moses Lake ;D

Meanwhile, with the weather kind of meh,
I had time for a few sewing projects.

My friend Breanna brought me some unique fabric from Myanmar.
Coincidentally, I wanted a footstool for my office, and...

I basically made a big square "sock" and covered a plastic milk crate.

Then I had Wyatt screw a couple pieces of plywood together -
one just a little bigger, and one just a little smaller
than the opening at the top of the milk crate,
so it would sit on top and not slide off...

Found a couple pieces of foam and put them on top of the plywood,
wrapped a piece of fabric around it,
and staple-gunned it to the bottom of the plywood.

And hurray!
A footstool that is also storage :D

So I can make a cup of tea,
sit and rock and put my feet up
with Han Solo ;D

And with the rest of the fabric I recovered our couch pillows.
For whatever reason, my camera? my computer?
does NOT read this color well.
The fabric is a jade/turquoise.

Rewarded myself with a little Canadian treat... Smarties!

It FINALLY got warm enough to go to the lake,
hallelujah and amen,
by mid-JULY.

Haven't the boybarians grown?

Yep.  They're man-sized.

We love hanging out at the beach with Grandpa and Grandma Grasshopper :D

Wyatt launched the paddle board.

I just want to be


So does Grandma Grasshopper ;D

The boys invited a friend to come along.

We live in a magical place...


Monica said...

What a beautiful lake! I always enjoy seeing your trip there. The footstool is awesome too! You are very talented. I've missed you. I took a long break and didn't even visit around much. It was hard to make myself stay away. I was really wondering the entire time what everyone was up to.
Yes, your boys are MEN!!! wow, where has the time gone. ;)

Wilma said...

Glad you're back. Missed your posts!

Anonymous said...

Okay.........THANK YOU for posting. I am NOT a Facebooker which is where Julie does most of her posting now. ALSO, I DO go ALL THE WAY IN the lake but in between times that chair 'sort of' in the lake keeps me nice and cool. :) Yes, Julie and I live in the same town and Yes, we see each other (or talk) quite regularly, but I still like her way of writing about her family and her life. Love ya, Hon, Gramma Grasshopper

Ann Hibbard said...

Free straw...LOVE IT!!! :D